Simple but intelligent—the smartphone for beginners


1st Jan 2015 Technology

Simple but intelligent—the smartphone for beginners

Smartphone technology shows no sign of slowing down, if you're finding it difficult to keep up, this easy-to-use smartphone might just be what you need to keep up with the digital natives.

The power of the modern smartphone has revolutionised the world of everyday communication. From online shopping, to playing games, from taking and sharing great pictures, to Googling the answers to your daily crossword. 

For digital natives—those young generations born into a world where personal computing already existed—adapting to the smartphone is intuitive. But for the older generations of digital immigrants, it is not so easy.

Our trusted partner — Doro — the world leader in easy-to-use mobile phones, is working hard to change that, and make smartphone technology accessible to all—no matter what their age is. 

Spending time learning to use a new technology is not necessarily a pleasure; there are many other things that you could be spending your time on. But Doro has developed ways of presenting information, and easy-to-follow instructions, which make using their smartphone brilliantly simple.

The Doro Liberto® 820 Mini is undoubtedly a powerful smartphone, with all the functionality of the many competitors on the market, but because of the simple and highly visual instructions, older users particularly will be able to do more and faster.

With large icons to identify clearly where to find each function, from making a call, to sending a message, or accessing the internet, the 820 Mini has a simple logic that is the result of endless hours of user testing and feedback from consumers all over Europe.


Doro phone display and in charging dock
Left: Phone display, right: phone in charging dock


In addition, for each of the main functions, there are step-by-step guides built into the phone to help the new owner get used to the technology at their own pace.

And the unique My Doro Manager tool gives access to tutorials showing how to make the most of the smartphone world. This feature also allows trusted family members or friends to have a companion app on their own smartphone, allowing them to help manage the 820 Mini remotely.

Of course, no mobile phone is going to be effective if the user is out of range of their network provider’s signal, a more common occurrence in rural areas or when walking in the countryside.

By teaming the Doro Liberto® 820 Mini with innovative network operator Anywhere SIM, you can now have the power of the UK’s three leading networks at the same time. Anywhere SIM’s unique service roams throughout the UK using O2, EE and Vodafone—keeping users connected no matter where they are.

The Anywhere SIM service is available on Pay As You Go, with the same flat rate of charges, whether in this country or across the EU. A perfect fit for those who are taking their first steps into the smartphone world, and to make it easier they can even transfer over their existing number.

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