Importance of a prominent digital footprint


23rd Mar 2022 Technology

Importance of a prominent digital footprint

Technology has improved every aspect of the way businesses operate, and never before in history has that change occurred so fast.

A profound change in technology has impacted almost every aspect of life today. There is no way one can avoid a digital footprint, might as well make it a prominent one.

Digital footprints are crucial for businesses because it helps them determine where the brand stands in the digital world. Lack of a prominent presence on the internet can nullify the business’s marketing efforts. Therefore, brands need to consider what their footprint says about them.

Taking advantage of the digital footprint accurately can help businesses connect with their potential buyers. This way, they can build a relationship with their audience and increase their conversions.

Today, businesses cannot ignore the importance of a prominent digital footprint. Marketing has always been a laborious step for most businesses. It isn’t easy to get everything right instantly. Therefore, investing in digital marketing to facilitate the online presence can significantly benefit businesses. Once a business has achieved a prominent digital footprint online, it can maximize it to gain favorable outcomes.

Businesses need to stay proactive in building their online identity.

Digital footprints are permanent. They determine a business’s digital reputation, which is as important as the offline reputation in today’s world. Once a brand share something on the internet, it stays there for good. Unfortunately, it can also be used against the brand’s reputation one day. Therefore, businesses need to consult digital marketing agencies to enhance their digital presence. Given the significance of a prominent online presence today, many digital marketing agencies are making their way into the market. Among these digital marketing agencies, Mediaforce is making its way to the top.

To aid the growth of different businesses in different industries, Mediaforce provides businesses with a platform that helps them progress in the competitive corporate market.

The business world has remained the same for more than a century. The recent technological changes pushed businesses to develop and adapt. For businesses to get swept away in a tidal wave of progress, companies like Mediaforce are playing a key role.

Established in 1996, mediaforce offers different types of services in different nations. The organization is headquartered in Canada and the United States. Its offices are located in Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver in Canada, and New York, the United States. Mediaforce was launched during an era in which businesses did not know the importance of having a strong social presence. However, the visionary mind behind the idea, Joe Bongiorino acknowledged its importance and successfully directed the business’s goals towards improving the online presence of businesses. It offers result-oriented digital marketing methodologies and customized services that aim to redesign customer experience.

Over time, the awareness increased, and mediaforce developed a huge clientele. Today, the organization is specialized in website design and PPC services as these two verticals offer immediate results with increased quality conversions. They also provide services in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Press Releases, Influencer Marketing, Chatbots, and Automation. Mediaforce expanded its services and offers protected sites working with each customer.


Joe Bongiorno, the founder of Mediaforce, established mediaforce to assist businesses with development and advancements. Mediaforce works with businesses worldwide and holds excellent skills in researching and studying effective strategies.

In 2018, Mediaforce was enrolled as one of the “top advertising and marketing agency’’ by Clutch. In 2020, It was also selected as the ‘best digital marketing agency’ by Designrush.com. The organization is also a beneficiary of the ‘consumer choice awards’ for Business excellence. With a net worth of $2 million and a growth rate of 5% every month, Mediaforce is ready to touch new heights of success.

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