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How to use social media to increase sales according to Aaron Branch


6th Apr 2021 Technology

How to use social media to increase sales according to Aaron Branch

Through Social Agendas, CEO Aaron Branch and a team of over twenty innovative and brilliant minds have helped hundreds of companies achieve their bottom line. They use top skills such as targeted ads, content creation, consultation, training, and various social media marketing strategies to help companies scale in a short time.


According to Aaron Branch, who is also the author of The First 365 and Director of DelivrMe, social media can significantly supercharge any business marketing efforts and boost conversions if utilized correctly.


In a candid Podcast, the social media advertising guru gave insights into how companies can rely on social media advertising to boost sales. This is especially true in the post-Covid-19 era, where attention is shifting to digital marketing. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Invest in Paid Ads


TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest all offer to advertise on their platforms. According to Aaron Branch, when you place your ads there, you generate new leads and build brand awareness. The sites allow you to run highly targeted or customized ads that reach your intended audience. You can select your target audience based on taste, gender preferences, online behavior, age, location, among others.  Sharing your message across people who are likely to require your products and services increases your conversion rates. Your ad leads them to your website, where they can learn more and initiate contact with you.


2. Choose Your Channels


When looking for potential clients, think about the online platforms where your target audience spends more time. Aaron Branch says you can achieve this by looking at the demographic data for popular social media platforms. For instance, if you want to reach professionals in the business world, building your LinkedIn presence is a great option to consider. This is because many professionals network on LinkedIn. In the 2017 LinkedIn marketing guide, 91% of execs log into LinkedIn first for relevant information. Alternatively, if your priority is end customers, you need to acquire a presence on Facebook. According to Pew Research, Facebook is the second most used social media site in the world.

3. Organic Growth


Organic growth is the natural reach of your content between people in your network and beyond. The best way to achieve and maintain this is by producing and posting valuable and interactive content for your followers who retweet, share and engage you. Aaron Branch emphasizes the importance of paid ads and organic posting because this content adds value to existing and new customers. Customers interact and are drawn to visual content such as Tik Tok. Hence it's essential to include that as a critical part of your marketing strategy. Once you post your content, encourage followers in your network to share so that their followers will see your content, and boom, your posts will be reaching thousands of new eyes.


Social Agendas as a company is keen on helping small and medium businesses take advantage of social media’s affordable and effective advertising world. The team has helped hundreds of companies to scale up to 10X their revenue, and in Aaron Branch's own words, this is just the beginning. He trains and mentors business owners through his Start and Scale Agency program. Suppose you need to propel your business forward through social media marketing; head over to Social Agendas to join the life-changing program.


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