A guide to accessing Samsung TV universal remote codes

Samsung are the number one brand in the world of TVs, and it is no surprise they are so popular. They make great TVs, packed with the latest technology, giving you the sharpest picture, stunning colour and superb sound.

Their models have all the best features - 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range, PVR, slick smart-TV with all the best apps and even voice control. And they’ve got something for every taste, every space and every budget, from high end 292-inch cinematic beasts to a 21-inch to slot on a kitchen worktop to watch while cooking dinner.

They are renowned for their accessibility and ease of use, but while you don’t necessarily need to know your OLED from your QLED to get the best out of your Samsung, you will need a remote control!  

Feel like you’re losing control?

These days, we seem to have more remote controls in our lives than ever – a device to change channel on your TV, another one to use satellite TV or your cable system, one for your Amazon firestick, one for your DVD player, one for your music system – you get the picture! It’s all too easy to get confused and frustrated with all the different gadgets we have to contend with, and we’re forever losing them or breaking them too. Not only they can be costly to replace from the original manufacturer, but you can wait a long time for them to arrive.

The good news is that you don’t have to use the remote that came with your TV, and most other devices come to that! Here’s where a Universal Remote Control comes in. Universal Remote Controls are like any of your normal remote controls, but instead of working on just one device, they can be paired with multiple devices, even if the manufacturers are different.

It’s easy, and will save you money

Universal remotes have all the features you’ll find on your original devices – on and off, volume, mute, TV input, play, fast forward, rewind, pause, skip etc, and also the more complex ones, should you need them. Buying one will mean you don’t ever have to worry about losing a remote again and you’ll need far less batteries, so you’ll save money and help the environment too. You’ll find a huge range of Universal Remotes for your Samsung online or at your local electrical retailer.

Here’s how

When you buy a Universal Remote Control, it will come with a user’s manual and sets of codes to be used to pair the remote with your device or devices.  Alternatively, you use one of these two easy methods, or go online to get the Samsung Universal Remote codes and set up Guide for TV you need.

Method 1:

  1. Switch on your Samsung TV set.
  2. Hold your Universal Remote to face the set.
  3. Press the ‘PROG’ button and hold until the LED light on your remote lights up, then press on to the ‘INFO’ button.
  4. The LED light should continue to blink – then get the code you need from myuniversalremotecodes.com and enter it in. Your TV will show ‘Success’ if the code is correct and ‘Sorry’ if not. Repeat the process with another code if so.
  5. Press any of the functions keys on the remote control, if everything works you have followed the steps correctly – if not try again with another code.

Method 2:

  1. Press the ‘PROG’ button on your universal remote and hold until you see the LED light.
  2. Select the ‘TV’ option.
  3. Find the correct TV code on myuniversalremotecodes.com and enter.
  4. If the LED light goes off when the code is entered, you’ve got the correct code!

To use any Universal Remote Controls on virtually any device, head over to myuniversalremotecodes.com – you’ll find all the codes you need and brilliant “how-to” guides, tips and tricks which will walk you through all you need to know to finally take control of your remote controls! For example you can access a list of Blackweb universal remote codes, the TCL Roku TV universal remote control codes and the Amazon Fire TV universal remote control codes too.

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