5 Ways to have a better mobile gaming experience

5 Ways to have a better mobile gaming experience

We all want a better mobile gaming experience and expect more from our phones when on the move - whether that’s for work, leisure or play. So, here are some ways to improve the gaming experience on mobile.   

1. Select the right device 

The Android unit you choose will determine your gaming experience. 

We do not recommend you spend more money on dedicated gaming smartphones. However, if you can afford them, you can do so. Otherwise, you can select an Android phone that has: 

● Decent screen refresh rate

● Substantial storage space (for saving your game progress)          

● Fairly recent Android version (if it doesn’t start with Oreo, you may not want to use it right now)            

● Big screen (don’t go less than 5.5 – 5.7 inches)

● Fast charging technology    

● A powerful battery (your starting point should be 4000mAh)

● An above average (mainly anything from Qualcomm) and graphics processor

Follow the specs if you want to see a significant jump in your gaming process, even though those specs are not etched in stone.         

2. Kill background apps

You can make a huge difference by limiting the apps running in the background of your phone. 

The background apps take a part of the total RAM available even if the Android smartphone is spec-ed out. So, you will share memory space with the apps running in the background. Killing these apps will help you dedicate that space to your game instead. 

Therefore, you can reduce lag, improve screen refresh rate, improve the loads, and have overall, better gameplay by killing background apps. Obviously, the speed of the site load time helps too and choosing a quality site for your gaming like SuperSeven is a good move.

3. Charge your batteries

Smartphones are getting smarter these days. You can know this from the way they manage the resources available to them, such as the battery. 

You have access to all the power and juice when your phone is fully charged. Therefore, having a fully charged smartphone can improve your gameplay ansure your online gaming experience isnt interupted. But the phone tries to manage the battery resources as the battery drops significantly. It does this to last long. 

Therefore, you will get lower gameplay as the battery drops. This happens because the phone limits the RAM allocation and reduction in the graphic functions of the phone. The phone does this due to the lower battery levels. 

That is why we advise you to play your arcade and slot games on a phone with a fully charged battery, especially if your game is graphics-intensive. 

4. Stay cool

This does not mean what you think. 

It is normal for the internal components of the phone to heat up, especially if you have been playing games on your phone for a long time. The type of game you are playing on your phone and the internal graphics capabilities of your phone will determine the rate of heating. Not all smartphones have dedicated cooling systems. 

Ensure your phone does not get hot unnecessarily if you want to get the best of your games. 

Firstly, ensure you are playing these games in a well-ventilated environment. Keeping the phone plugged can cause some heating damages too, so unplug your phones before playing games.

Lastly, take off the pouch or external casing on the back of your phone while playing games. They can cause a buildup of internal heat or interfere with heat dissipation. 

5. Turn on DND

A simple distraction can disconnect you, especially if you are caught playing online games. 

Calls coming in at the wrong time are one of the distractions in this case. The code of several games believes you want to leave due to these disruptions. 

You will have to forfeit your active game to your opponent in most cases. Leading by a landslide does not matter in these cases. 

How do you get rid of this problem? You turn on your airplane mode to connect using Wi-Fi only. However, if you do not have Wi-Fi access, this might not be a suitable solution for you.  

Therefore, the in-built DND function of your phone comes to play. 

Once you turn on this feature, it stops the phone from getting notifications and taking messages and calls.