5 Simple Steps Towards Online Security


31st Mar 2019 Technology

5 Simple Steps Towards Online Security
Hackers are on the alert! They manage to hack users' account and steal sensitive data. Top 5 golden rules on how to be safe online are inside. 
Technology is an amenity of modern life. Provided that technological changes take place, it becomes more complicated to observe safety these days. It seems as if the rules of the road undergo regular revisions.
Thus, there was no need to protect social networks before phishing attacks through them became regular. It happened in 2006 when an internet worm planted a lot of phishing links on the MySpace site. According to the specialists’ research, over 70% of phishing attacks through social networks are successful.
Besides, in the course of time, it became vital to know how to hide IP address, as IP masking blocks monitoring of users’ activity on the Internet by means of spyware soft. 
In so doing, the steps highlighted in this post will serve to make you resistant to cyber attacks in 2019.
  • Upgrade software on an ongoing basis
The research conducted in 2019 by The Harris Poll showed that 21% of respondents don’t update regularly the apps and gadgets they use. However, the last software version is a must to be protected on the Internet. 
It is explained by the fact that new viruses appear every day. And the updates are meant to withstand them. 
  • Use unique passwords for your accounts
Unfortunately, 65% of people tend to use one password for several accounts, which increases security and privacy risk. It’s as precarious as if one would use one key for a flat, car, office and strongbox. Once lost, this key might be used to get access to all your properties. 
To escape such threats, it’s strongly encouraged that you create passwords that would be difficult to guess (include figures, special signs, capital letters). 
  • Make use of two-factor authentication
Two-factor verification reduces the risk that someone would access your member accounts. The fact is that when a man falls victim to a brute force attack (when hackers know login details), the profile is still protected.
Two-factor authentication makes you do one more additional step before accessing your account. The examples of such step are the following: a 6-digit code generated by a program and sent to a reliable device (a user’s smartphone) or material security key.
  • Create an account to renew access if necessary
What if a man fails to access account or forgets the password? It won’t be a problem if he/she uses an additional account to renew the blocked one. Specify the backup address or phone number when registering. 
  • Backup your data
Sometimes it happens that accounts undergo hacking attacks despite the fact that all necessary precautions were taken. When this occurs, the safest way to get rid of malware is to remove and reset the system.
Thus, the only way to get access to your data is to restore the backup. Luckily, the majority of operating systems and portable gadgets support the automatic backup feature.
  • To conclude
Regardless of the device or app one uses, the 5 tips highlighted in this article will definitely help to you become more protected and less vulnerable to hacking attacks.