5 Must-have holiday gadgets


1st Jan 2015 Technology

5 Must-have holiday gadgets

Wherever your holidays may take you, having the latest and greatest tech can help you capture fantastic memories and ensure a stress-free experience during the more stressful parts of your trip.

Drown out fellow travellers

Beats Solo3 headphones, £141


Before your plane even leaves the ground, you’re sure to be pleading for some peace among all the noisier passengers. Don’t forget to pick up some comfortable headphones for the long flight.

These Beats headphones will help provide your journey with some high-quality tunes or help you keep up with the latest podcasts, and will prove invaluable in drowning out any surrounding annoyances in the utmost comfort.

Perfect for: long flights, solo travellers

Kiss FM are offering the Beats Solo2 headphones as part of a prize package.


For more social listeners

JBL Charge 5, £139


For the aspiring DJs among you, the Bluetooth-enabled Charge 2 delivers high quality output.

Not only does it double as a loudspeaker for conference calls (not that you’d be having any on holiday) but can also act as a portable USB charger for your other devices. The sound struggles with anything too complex or bass-heavy, so we doubt you can throw many black metal bashes.

It does benefit from Bluetooth Social Mode which allows three different users to mix and match their playlists all at once.

Perfect for: hen and stag dos, group holidays, musical families


For memorable moments 

Canon EOS 1200D, £349.99


If you’re looking to get serious about your holiday snaps but aren’t quite prepared to commit to lugging loads of gear around, the Canon 1200D is a great choice for the budding photographer.

Boasting a charge capability equal to 500 shots, the 1200D packs 18 megapixels of power—much more than your typical smartphone—and an optical viewfinder atop the 3-inch LCD screen. The Canon 1200D also allows you to shoot video. It's the perfect camera whether you want to capture some great memories of the kids or take a snap of the beautiful scenery.

Perfect for: families, city breaks, solo travellers

Good news for happy snappers,The Guardian is currently giving readers a chance to win the Canon camera.


For thrill seekers

GoPro HERO4 Silver, £149


For tourists of all activity levels comes the GoPro camera in its sturdiest and most capable form yet.

With video and sound, this durable camera can tolerate ravenous rapids in a kayak, being flung out of an aeroplane, or a sickly-sweet moonlit walk on the beach. 

You can playback the action almost instantly, and by combining the built-in Wi-Fi functionality with your smartphone you can also share the best action on your social networks.

Perfect for: activity breaks, active families, light traveling

For a chance to win the GoPro camera, click here for a giveaway from Tesco Bank.


For peace and quiet

Amazon Kindle eReader 6” with Wi-Fi, £84.99


Before the age of the e-reader, airlines were (probably) raking it in from all the extra weight being packed into suitcases by bookworms desperate to catch up on their reading. The likes of Amazon’s Kindle will have killed any hypothetical profits now though, and done wonders for the poor soul who’d have to lug their suitcase around.

The Kindle is packed with features: anti-glare protection, Wi-Fi for faster access to your library, and a long-lasting battery all make the Kindle a poolside must-have.

Visit myageingparent.com to find out how you could win yourself an Amazon Kindle for some relaxing reading.

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