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10 Fantastic USB microphones for streaming and podcasting

BY Joshua Joda

22nd Mar 2024 Technology

5 min read

10 Fantastic USB microphones for streaming and podcasting
With streaming and other long-form content now prevalent, quality audio equipment in the form of USB microphones is more important than ever
You’re a full-time streamer, YouTuber or podcaster, then you already know the importance of a great set-up, with one of the most important things being top-notch audio.
Having the right equipment can really make or break quality content and help in appealing to audiences, especially when it comes to microphones. Luckily with improvements in technology, you don’t necessarily have to spend several hundred pounds for a high-level microphone. We’ve had a look around the market and came up with ten great choices for USB microphones for you to consider.

TONOR Q9S USB microphone kit

Tonor Q9S microphone
Coming as a microphone kit, with a boom arm stand and microphone, this device is great for streaming and podcast recording. You’ll get fantastic sound quality with a 16mm diaphragm, capable of capturing your voice in detail and with less background noise.
The Q9S is also user-friendly, with volume buttons and a quick-tap mute button on top of the device, as well as an RGB light for room ambiance.

FIFINE recording USB microphone

FIFINE microphone
With a simple boom arm set-up, this device is a brilliant choice for simple voice recording. It connects via USB as well as XLR and can also connect to headphones, with a large diaphragm for quality audio capture.

AKG pro audio Ara USB-C microphone

AKG pro microphone
In a silver finish with a volume control and an audio directional knob, this microphone is great as a plug-and-play option. The microphone is versatile, being able to be used standing straight on a boom arm or mic stand.
Other features include high-resolution audio and a two-capsule mic array, with easy overall set-up support for PC, Mac, iOS and android phones.

Blue Yeti Nano USB microphone

Blue Yeti Nano
Resembling a traditional microphone, this plug-and-play USB model is great for recording or live streaming. It has two custom mic capsules and omnidirectional pickup to help accurately capture your voice in detail.
With no-latency monitoring, you can monitor your recordings precisely to avoid unwanted playback issues or faults.

Elgato Wave DX

Elgato Wave DX
Elgato is more known in streaming spaces for making video capture equipment, but they also make premium microphones. Just like this Elgato Wave DX, which is optimised for podcasting, streaming and broadcasting.
The device can work with several interfaces with no signal booster needed, and a noise rejection feature to reduce background noise.

Sennheiser profile USB microphone

Sennheiser profile mic
An upstanding USB microphone with a table stand that can also swivel, this device allows for simple and effective recording.
Made from premium material, it’s a great choice whether you’re just starting out as a streamer or podcaster, or an experienced professional.

HyperX QuadCast S USB microphone

HyperX Quadcast mic
With a colorful RGB design, this microphone immediately grabs your attention, also being made from high-quality material. The device comes with its own stand, as well as a tap-to-mute top button and four selectable polar patterns for recording audio.
The model is sturdy, with an anti-vibration shock mount which helps keep the microphone mounted on a stand and partially protected.

Audio-Technica 2020 USB+ Cardioid USB microphone

Audio technica usb mic
This Audio-Technica microphone works with USB connectivity, allowing it to be easily set up and it also has a tripod stand. It can record audio both digitally and acoustically, also featuring a headphone jack for close audio monitoring
This model is recommended for singer/songwriters, podcasters and voice-over artists.

RØDE NT-USB microphone

This RØDE microphone is a versatile option, great for recordings of different natures including podcasting and streaming as well as instrument or vocal recording.
The model comes with its own tripod desk stand, but it can also be mounted on a boom arm or microphone stand. It has straightforward dials for volume control, along with a pop filter to reduce distracting noises when recording.

SteelSeries Alias USB microphone

SteelSeries Alias USB mic
The SteelSeries microphone has a large surface area for capturing audio, with a fixed design keeping it in place. The mic features intuitive volume control and AI noise reduction and LED lights to visibly show you audio levels and mute status when in use.
It also has an RGB downlight to enhance room ambience if desired. This model is recommended for use for game streaming in particular.

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