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8 Handy water flossers for great oral hygiene


9th Feb 2024 Health & Exercise

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8 Handy water flossers for great oral hygiene
Water flossers are a fantastic way to add to mouth cleanliness with regular use, on top of brushing your teeth
Oral hygiene is something that can easily be overlooked during our busy day-to-day activities. However, looking after our teeth matters hugely for overall health, and with processed foods and chemicals in a lot of what we eat and drink, we may well need to pay more attention to our teeth.
In addition to teeth-cleaning products like electric toothbrushes, water flossers are a great supplement to regular teeth brushing and help to clean out cavities, as well stains that may linger on our teeth.

H2ofloss water flosser

H2ofloss flosser
Coming with multiple water strength settings for cleaning at different power levels, this flosser has unique features, like a 360-degree rotatable nozzle to clean hard to reach areas in the mouth.
The flosser is fully cordless and portable, making it great for keeping it in the bathroom as well as using it when travelling. You can use the device for 15 days with a full charge.
Special feature:
. Multiple pressure settings

Insmart water flosser

Insmart flosser
With more precision than a standard flosser, this water flosser is great for clearing plaque and cleaning gums. It also comes with four cleaning modes and six different jet tips. You can adjust the water pressure from 30psi to 120psi, with normal, soft and pulse modes, for different levels of sensitivity.
Special feature:
. Portable, rechargeable

Coslus water flosser

Coslus flosser
This rechargeable flosser has five jet tips, utilising a double stream of water for more effective teeth cleaning. Also featured is a detachable 300ML water tank which you can easily clean and quickly re-fill for regular usage.
A single charge with the device will last for 30 days. It’s also conveniently small enough to take with you on the go if you’re a frequent traveller.
Special feature:
. Cordless, portable

Hangsun water flosser

Hangsun flosser
The Hangsun water flosser features a powerful battery which will last long, up to 21 days. You can choose between normal and soft cleaning (for sensitive teeth) modes for gum and teeth rinsing.
The device has eight different multi-functional nozzles for cleaning your tongue, gums and for general cleaning, leaving your mouth consistently clean hygienic.
Note: It’s recommended to replace the nozzle every three months.
Special feature:
. Multiple tips

Panasonic EW1211W

Panasonic EW1211W flosser
If you’re after a simple cordless flosser with straightforward water settings, this Panasonic device may be a great choice. You can cycle through different water pressure modes and use its handy soft mode to massage sensitive areas of your gums when in use.
The flosser is also machine washable for easy cleaning and water-resistant (IPX7).
Special feature:
. Battery powered

Aquasonic Aqua flosser

Aquasonic Aqua water flosser
This Aqua flosser is waterproof and has variable water pressure flow for easy regular flossing. The flosser is portable, lightweight and rechargeable, using built-in battery.
It also has four jet tips you can swap out over time. The device is great for use on braces as its rotary tips can reach areas traditional flossing can’t, ensuring you get a thorough clean.
Special feature:
. Battery powered

Waterpik water flosser

Waterpik water flosser
Coming in a minimalist silver design, this water flosser has a simple front facing “on” switch to toggle between water modes for removing more plaque and stains. The device is a great alternative for anyone that may find flossing or toothpicks ineffective for cleaning between gums.
Also included is a microfibre travel bag, with the flosser being cordless
Special feature:

Phillips Sonicare water flosser

Phillips sonicare water flosser
With two different water stream modes for variable cleaning, two nozzles and a transparent water tank, this flosser is easy to use, re-fill and maintain.
The device uses pulse wave technology to more thoroughly clean teeth in deep clean mode. Also included is “quad stream”, the ability to split water flow into four, for faster and more widespread oral cleaning.
Special feature:
Battery powered, quad stream technology
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