10 Back-to-school essentials for the new term


15th Aug 2023 Shopping

10 Back-to-school essentials for the new term
The end of summer can be a stressful time of year, but our top ten list of back-to-school essentials will make school shopping much easier
It’s nearly that time of year. As the summer holiday winds down, we all start to think about heading back to school. Shopping for back-to-school items can be stressful, but our back-to-school checklist will make school shopping much easier. Here are the top ten items you need to remember when you go back-to-school shopping. 

1. Pencil case

Everyone at school, obviously, has one of these. It’s always important to be able to express yourself, and a pencil case is a good place for anyone to express their personal style. This curduroy black pencil case can be customised by sticking pins on it or sewing badges onto it, for example. The corduroy material is a timeless choice too, as trendy today as it ever has been. 

2. Rucksack

Like the pencil case, a school bag is something everyone wants to get right, when they're at school. There are so many types of bag after all. For example, there are many differences between the kind of bag you want to take to class and the kind of bag you want to take to the beach
This rucksack, however, can hold lots of textbooks and school supplies, without being too bulky. Its minimalist design means that the bag can also be decorated in many different and interesting ways or can be kept plain and simple.

3. Water bottle

Water bottles
Although, by the time school starts, summer will nearly be over, it’s important to stay hydrated. This metal water bottle is a great choice, because it can be used for longer than a plastic water bottle and is more environmentally friendly.
"A metal water bottle is a great choice, because it is more environmentally friendly than a plastic one"
It’s insulated too, so it keeps drinks cool for longer than a regular bottle. The bottle comes in a range of colours, meaning there is plenty of choice when deciding which bottle to get.

4. Notebook

A notebook is always helpful when it comes to making any quick notes, such as deadlines or classroom changes. These A5 books can be lifesavers at school, because, with a notebook, a sheet of paper is always in reach.
A good notebook doesn’t have to be expensive, and this notebook has a hardcover and 144 pages so it’s sure to last.

5. Highlighters

Highlighters can be one of the most useful tools in making revision easier. Highlighting key words or notes makes seeing the most important information in a piece of work much quicker and these STABILO highlighters are amongst the best you can buy.
"Highlighting key words or notes means you can see the most important information in your work quickly"
They last for a long time and come in four colours, which can be used to colour code work and help with revision when exam season comes around.

6. Calculator

Most calculators that used in secondary schools are, like this one, scientific calculators. Although some of its tools may seem intimidating at first, it's easy-to-use design means understanding its complex functions is a breeze.
This calculator does not need batteries, since it is solar powered, and its compact design means that it won’t be too heavy when taking it to school.

7. Lunchbox

Having a lunchbox that looks as a good can sometimes make the food in the lunchbox taste even better. Most of all, though, a lunchbox should get lunch where it needs to go, safely. This lunchbox can do both; it looks good and it gets food safely to school.
The extra compartments in the box means lunches can be divided up too. If you have prepared a school meal, such as curry for example, the dividers can be used to seperate the rice and the sauce. 

8. Index cards

Index cards
These are a staple of everyone’s school life and they’re great for revising alone or with friends and family. They come in various colours and have room for headings, so each card can be used for various school topics and sub-topics.
"Index cards are a tried-and-true method of revising, so they are an essential revision tool"
Index cards are a tried-and-true method of revising for all school subjects, so they are an essential revision tool.

9. Fineline pens

Fineline pens, like highlighters, can make going back over work much less stressful. They could colour code a diagram or write key words in different colours. As they are fineliners, they also ensure that writing always looks tidy and, therefore, easier to understand.
These STABILO fineline pens are the best you can get. They last for a long time and come in ten different colours.

10. Binder

A binder is great for keeping anotes and assesments together. While binders don't need to be taken to school everyday, bringing old notes back home and storing them in a binder in one place means old notes are easy to find.
Binder dividers could make work even more organised, as they can be used to seperate old notes into different subjects.
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