8 Hobby ideas for motoring enthusiasts

BY Chris Randall

4th Jan 2022 Motoring

8 Hobby ideas for motoring enthusiasts

Looking to get more enjoyment out of your motoring? Then we’ve got some great ideas for 2022

Visit a museum

Haynes International Motor Museum, Somerset. Image via DeFacto (Wiki Commons)

The UK boasts some terrific car museums, and whether you just fancy admiring great cars or want to take a trip down memory lane they make for a brilliant day out. Some offer annual passes or membership which means you can save money and visit again and again, and it’s worth keeping an eye out for special events and displays throughout the year. If you love old cars there’s nothing better.   

Head to a show

Car shows have been interrupted of late—for obvious reasons—but many are back on the calendar for 2022. They happen almost every weekend, and with so many taking place, there’s bound to be one near you. From small, local events to major national shows there’s something for every taste, and if you own an older car why not consider displaying it? There’s nothing like sharing your hobby with other enthusiasts.

Take a tour

We’re hopeful that holidays will be back on the agenda, which means it’s worth considering a driving tour. There are lovely places to visit in the UK, or you could head further afield, but whatever you choose it’s guaranteed to be fun, and you could enjoy planning the route yourself or opt for one of the many trips organised by specialist tour companies. Visiting somewhere new is always enjoyable, so maps at the ready!

Try your hand at motorsport

We not talking about Formula 1 here! Instead, there are a number of ways in which you can fully enjoy the performance of your car and test your own skills, and one such is hill climbing. There are venues across the UK, and most cater for newcomers so it needn’t be too expensive or daunting, and it should provide all the motoring thrills you need. Just be warned—it’s rather addictive…

Watch some classic racing

If you’re a fan of classic cars and motorsport there are few things more enjoyable than watching period machinery battling it out on track. Some great events take place across the UK, including the Silverstone Classic and the Goodwood Revival, and you’re guaranteed to experience a great octane-filled atmosphere. If you’ve not been before you’ll love the racing action, and for maximum enjoyment why not make a weekend of it?

Buy a classic

If you’ve long been tempted to treat yourself to a classic car why not make 2022 the year you take the plunge? There’s almost certainly a make and model that suits your taste and pocket, and we’d certainly recommend joining the relevant owner’s club where you can tap into a wealth of knowledge and advice. You’ll meet some great people, too, making it a social way to enjoy old-time motoring.

Try something new

If the budget won’t quite stretch to buying a classic car you could always hire one instead. It’s a great way to enjoy the experience of driving something older without the ongoing expense, and there are a number of companies that will rent you one with prices starting from around £200-250 per day. An alternative is a race track experience where you can taste the performance of modern supercars. It’s a proper thrill!

Get your hands dirty

There’s something very satisfying about maintaining your own car, and it might just save you some cash, too. The famous Haynes manuals are a good starting point to guide you through the process—they are available online now—and if you want to gain some confidence first check whether a local college runs maintenance courses. And you’re certain to discover your newfound skills are in demand with family and friends.


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