Beauty influencer Mirta Miler on makeup trends for 2024

BY Alice Gawthrop

28th Feb 2024 Lifestyle

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Beauty influencer Mirta Miler on makeup trends for 2024
With over 18 million TikTok followers, Mirta Miler is the authority when it comes to hair and makeup tips! She chats to us about some of the makeup trends she is looking forward to this year
Mirta Miler never planned on becoming an internet makeup sensation, it just sort of happened. The 26-year-old Croatian content creator started her TikTok page in 2019 to share her hobby, and attracted the attention of millions of followers (18.2 million, to be exact) with her beauty tutorials and entertaining editing.
Since then, she has partnered with brands like L'Oreal, Nivea and Anastasia Beverly Hills, making beauty fun and accessible for everyone. With her technical know-how and her finger on the pulse when it comes to beauty trends, we simply had to go to Mirta for her thoughts on makeup trends for the year ahead!
Reader's Digest: How did you become a beauty influencer?
Mirta Miler: Becoming a content creator was never something I planned, and I never imagined this could be my career. I dreamt of being confident enough to film videos because I always had a passion for makeup and beauty, but I have always been hesitant about it, and a little bit shy in front of the camera.
"I started filming for fun as a hobby after work […] After a couple of months, the views really took off"
At approximately 21, I started filming for fun as a hobby after work and college lectures. After a couple of months, the views really took off, and I started filming every day. It only took a couple of brand deals for me to quit my corporate job and decide to risk it all and devote myself to my dream.
RD: What do you love most about makeup and the beauty space?
MM: Everyone views beauty as something different. Someone finds beauty in simplicity while someone finds beauty in more creative expression. 
What brings me the most joy is when people tell me, "I’ve been using the advice that you gave me, and it really changed my everyday routine." I am honoured to have even a small, micro-impact on someone’s life to make them feel better about themselves.
RD: What makes TikTok such a good platform for sharing beauty tips and tricks?
MM: TikTok is unique because you can reach people from all around the world. On other social media platforms, you may be limited to your location. With TikTok, people from all around the world with the same interest are able to connect over one unifying subject.
RD: What makeup trends are you most excited for in 2024?
MM: "Revenge Makeup" is a makeup trend I am excited for. The eyelashes are dramatic, paired with a darker lip. This is the look where you "feel like you have never looked better." I don’t take trends too seriously, and I am not a vengeful person, but I am having fun with this trend!
RD: Are there any makeup trends you think need to be retired already?
MM: I think everyone is a little tired of the "Clean Girl Aesthetic."
RD: Who are your biggest makeup inspirations?
A creator that inspires me is @Meicrosoft. She is an iconic artist! I also love Nikkie Tutorials.
RD: What are your holy grail makeup products that should be in everyone’s makeup bag?
I am really loving lip and cheek stains! They are so versatile and enhance your natural beauty. My favorite cream blushes at the moment are definitely the Sheglam Color Bloom Liquid Blushes.
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