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Winter essentials: Why it’s important to have boiler cover in the colder months


1st Nov 2021 Home & Garden

Winter essentials: Why it’s important to have boiler cover in the colder months

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, we all crave warmth and comfort in our homes.


Winter is the season that pushes us to spend more time indoors, wrapped in a soft blanket, away from the cold weather outside. This is also the time of the year when people start thinking about different ways to make their homes feel cosier and more welcoming, and maybe create that Danish hygge atmosphere since it’s been so popular in the past few years. 

So, what’s on your winter preparation checklist? Buying warm socks and pyjamas to wear during cold winter evenings? Creating a nice little nook where you can sip on your tea while reading a book? Or maybe bringing in throws, pillows and some candles to brighten up the ambience with their soft light? 

While all these things sound absolutely amazing, might we suggest you focus on the more practical aspects as well? How about getting a good boiler cover to provide peace of mind during winter months? If you haven’t thought about purchasing boiler cover until now, here are a few good reasons to take this option into consideration before winter sets in.   

What is boiler cover?

For the uninitiated in household matters, we feel the need to explain what boiler cover is all about, although the name is pretty self-explanatory. Boiler cover is a type of policy insurance that people purchase to cover the costs of getting their boilers serviced by a gas safe engineer, as well as the costs of replacement parts or annual boiler inspections.

There are different types of boiler cover, such as boiler-only cover, boiler and central heating cover or home emergency cover, depending on your specific requirements. Obviously, prices for boiler cover in the UK differ based on the services included and from one provider to another, but it’s generally regarded as a cost-effective method to take care of all your boiler maintenance and repair needs. Also, most companies will give you the possibility to either pay for the cover upfront or split payment into monthly instalments, whichever option works best for you. 

Why is it essential in wintertime?  

Having boiler cover comes with a series of benefits that you get to enjoy all year round, but winter is the time of the year when you’ll appreciate your purchase the most. So, let’s see why boiler cover is so important during the cold season. 

Ensure safety and comfort 

Every year, thousands of people end up in the hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning due to faulty gas appliances such as boilers. These types of problems could easily be avoided if a gas safe engineer would perform an emissions check before those cold months really kick in, so you can keep your house safe and warm all winter long. Since boiler cover includes annual inspections, you’ll be able to check this task off your winter preparation list with ease. 

Reduce heating bills 

It’s no secret that heating bills tend to jump in winter months. Most people dread these bills more than they dread the cold weather. If you’re looking for away to reduce your heating bills this season, getting boiler cover can provide the solution. The explanation is simple: having your boiler serviced regularly can help improve both its efficiency and reliability. And we all know that a boiler that functions properly translates into lower heating bills. Therefore, boiler cover can definitely benefit your budget in the long run. 

Be prepared for worst-case scenarios 

No one wants to deal with a sudden boiler breakdown in the middle of winter. But since winter is the time of the year when boilers have to work overtime to provide heating and hot water, the likelihood of having your boiler fail during these months is quite high. Instead of waiting for your boiler to surprise you with an unexpected breakdown, you could choose to purchase boiler coverage and have it serviced in due time and make sure wintertime doesn’t catch you unprepared. Also, if your boiler does experience issues when you need it most, a boiler cover that includes emergency servicing and repairs can get you out of trouble.  

Keep costly repairs at bay

Even if your boiler manages to pull through a long cold winter successfully, there’s no guarantee it won’t break down afterward. If you ignore your boiler’s maintenance requirements and choose to skip regular servicing, after months of intense use there’s a high risk of having your boiler run into serious problems that translate into costly repairs for you. That’s why you should do the math: you can either pay for a boiler coverage and keep major repairs at bay, or you can pay for repairs, the parts that need to be replaced, or even for a new boiler at worst. The better choice couldn’t be more obvious.  

Comply with regulations 

If you’re a tenant, purchasing a boiler cover is not your responsibility. However, if you’re a landlord, you are legally required to have the boilers on your property serviced annually, and have gas safety checks carried out on all gas appliances as well. Whether you want to purchase boiler cover for this purpose or not it’s entirely up to you, but since these services imply recurring expenses, having boiler cover is certainly the smartest option budget-wise. So, you’ll not only comply with legal requirements, but you’ll also save money and make sure your appliances run properly during winter. 


As you can see, boiler servicing is a must, especially before and during winter, whether we’re talking about routine inspections or serious repairs. The good news is you can have all your boiler maintenance and repair needs covered by choosing a boiler cover plan that suits your requirements. Bottom line is, having a boiler cover can save you a lot of trouble and expenses, and make your life infinitely more comfortable during the cold season. 

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