Why Choose Egyptian Cotton Bedding? 

When thinking about Egyptian cotton, thread count is important but it’s not everything. Read on to find out why.

The thread count of a piece of material is a great way to begin comparing the quality of different products. Products with a higher thread count have a more luxurious feel, they contain more material and therefore command a higher price. The thread count is a number you see printed on product descriptions which refers to the number of individual threads per square inch of material, it’s normally prefixed with a letter ‘T’. The T number refers to the number of individual threads contained within a square inch of material.

For those who would like a more detailed break down of what to expect with different levels of thread count, we’ve put together a quick guide to Egyptian cotton thread counts .

Cotton Thread Counts Explained

Thread count less than T200

As Mediterranean Linens explains “Products with a thread count of less than 200 are good for all purpose domestic and commercial use.” These products are cost effective for situations that need frequent washing, especially at high temperatures. Consider this thread count as a basic standard, from which to move on to more luxurious products. 

Thread count T200 – T300

Affordable yet good quality, these products are lightweight, cool, and breathable - ideal for those who want an affordable way to experience the luxury of superior Egyptian long staple cotton. This type of bed linen is what you would expect to find in most hotel chains around the world.

Thread Count around T400

Linen in this range will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and because of their superior construction, they are also softer and more durable. You might find products like these in high end, luxury, boutique hotels. As stated by Mom Bible these regulatory thermal properties also make it ideal for infants, who can often have a difficult time sleeping through extreme temperatures. 

Thread Count T500 – T600

Here you’ll find an even higher level of comfort and luxury. Bed linen with this thread count looks and feels like something very special indeed. You’ll experience a fuller, densely woven fabric that exhibits a softness and lustre that would be very difficult to find in a commercial hotel. That’s because of the strong cleaning products and high temperatures they use to launder their bed linen. 

Thread Count T600 and higher

These products are marketed as ultra luxury but experts are divided as to whether they really are worth the expense, or is it just a case of doing something because it’s possible rather than because it is an actual improvement.

Staple Length: Going Beyond Egyptian Cotton Thread Count

Thread counts are important, but industry body the Cotton Egyptian Association are keen to point out several other factors that consumers should take into account when making a purchase. When it comes to Egyptian cotton, thread counts are important, but so is something called staple length. 

Egyptian cotton is known as long staple cotton. The term staple length refers to the length of the individual threads of cotton as they come off the plant during the harvest. This is important because a long staple length makes for stronger individual fibres which are more durable despite being much finer than other varieties of cotton. This means Egyptian cotton is ideal for making luxury bed linen. The longer fibres can combine to make an extremely fine yarn that is unquestionably softer and more comfortable than ordinary cotton fibres. 

Egyptian cotton thread counts are important, but so is staple length, and these two factors combined make for a really good night’s sleep. 

Your Own Personal Piece of Perfection

There are plenty of other cottons on the market with high thread counts, and with long staple length, but there are none that conjure the romanticism of Egyptian cotton. When you buy Egyptian cotton, you’ll be partaking centuries of tradition becoming the custodian of a part of world cultural heritage. You’ll become the owner of your own personal piece of perfection. That’s why the Cotton Egypt Association are going to the incredible lengths of identifying the DNA markers of true Egyptian Cotton so as to afford protection to the Egyptian producers.

There’s one final reason that makes Egyptian cotton so iconic. What makes Egyptian cotton the best in the world is the same reason Colombian coffee is world renowned, the harvesting process is not mechanised. There are no machines in the world that can distinguish the perfectly ripe cotton in the field. It’s a highly skilled job that necessitates years of experience. That’s why we work with and are certified by the Cotton Egypt Association. This is the independent body responsible for the global brand of Egyptian Cotton who in 2019 ran nearly 400 workshops for farmers on field management, irrigation, harvesting, and they helped create a special curriculum on organic cultivation of cotton in Egypt directly reaching 150,000 students of agriculture in Egypt. 

Egyptian cotton thread count matters, and so does staple length and Cotton Egypt Association accreditation. But there is so much more to Egyptian cotton, it’s one of the world’s most iconic products. It’s an indelible part of humanity and we should all be proud of such products. Egyptian cotton is more than a material, it’s the fabric of our lives.

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