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Installing a log burner this winter


17th Nov 2020 Home & Garden

Installing a log burner this winter

This winter, why not consider adding a log burner to your home? Not only will it keep you and your family warm and cosy, but it’ll transform your interior space too. 

There are so many options and designs when choosing a log burner, you’ll find one that’s perfect for you, and that’s in keeping with your home décor. Let’s take a look at what type of log burners are available.

Traditional log burners


If your home has a country cottage feel, with exposed bricks, natural woods, and a neutral colour scheme – a traditional log burner would be an ideal addition, giving your house a classic and timeless appearance.

They’re usually constructed from cast-iron and look best fitted in an existing fireplace with a slate hearth and a wooden mantel. 

Contemporary log burners


Contemporary log burners are perfect for homes with a more modern aesthetic. They’re available in a variety of shapes, from cylindrical to corner inset options, which make contemporary log burners far more versatile in their design.  

There are also a lot more ways in which you can place them within your property. Consider opting for a freestanding stove that’s situated in the middle of a room, or an inset stove built into a wall – both creating stunning visuals as well as warming up your home.

You don’t have to worry about having a fireplace and chimney either, as flues can be installed almost anywhere, and glass heat resistant hearths can be used too. 

Log burner safety

Installing a log burner is best left to the professionals unless you’re an experienced DIYer. There are a few building regulations that need to be followed to ensure safe operation.

It’s always wise to purchase a carbon monoxide detector too, as burning wood can produce this poisonous gas and a detector will alert you to any dangerously high levels. 

Log Burner Cost

The cost of installing a log burner can depend on the size, type and style you choose, but you can expect to pay anywhere between £500-£2500 for the log burner itself and labour costs of having it fitted by a qualified contractor. 

The cost will also differ on what flue type you need, as a twin wall flue can be more expensive than fitting a log burner to an existing chimney.

Overall, a log burner is an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing heating choice that’s a valuable addition to any home. Nothing beats a real, roaring fire to keep you warm during the cold winter months. 

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