How to remove wallpaper fast

Saving time is all about streamlining your life–in the home, at work, in the garden or getting out and about. Removing wallpaper can be a time-consuming job, but with the right tools, and making sure the wallpaper is wet, you can speed up the process.

1. Many wallpapers are ‘strippable’, which means they can be removed easily. Pry up a seam edge using a utility knife and tug gently, pulling down at an angle, keeping both hands close to the lifting edge. If it comes off easily, peels in a long sheet and leaves no adhesive residue, then your job will be a simple one-step operation.

2. Soak older papers and newer ones applied with standard wallpaper paste, to soften the paste. It'll make your job faster. Use warm water and liquid detergent and add a handful of cellulose paste to each bucket of water–it helps to hold the water on the wall. Leave it on for at least 5 minutes, then use a scraper to lift off the paper.

3. Score washable and wipeable wallpapers with a serrated scraper (or an old dinner fork), so that water can penetrate.

4. Consider hiring a steam wallpaper stripper to tackle materials that are difficult to remove, or if the wall is covered with layers of old paper. It may make your job faster and easier.

5. Remove wallpaper that's been covered with paint using a chemical stripper designed for textured coatings–wear protective gloves and goggles.