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How to make your home your happy place


4th May 2021 Home & Garden

How to make your home your happy place

All over the world people are spending more time at home now than ever before, and the desire to create a joyful dwelling is at an all-time high.

With so much out of our control one thing that we can control is how we feel and how we live inside our homes. A major renovation is not the one size fits all answer either. There are other ways to create a space that feels like much more than a landing pad without having to fully remodel your space. Both small and large changes can completely shift the energy of your space and help you fall in love with home all over again.

Be Unique and Thoughtful

As you consider what you need out of your home to turn it into your happy place, think about what everyone else might be doing, and look in the opposite direction. Sometimes following the crowd makes sense and other times it is a distraction from what is authentic to you and your needs. A generous upgrade such as one of the many versions of stylish home lifts available is a welcome addition to any home.

This type of addition is also thoughtful because you have determined a specific need for it in your own life and acted on that realization. When you are working to create a home environment that brings you joy, creating more function out of your space certainly applies. These home lift systems are not generic either, they can be outfitted to make sense for your homes size, structure, and style, in a way that makes the lift appear as if it has been a part of your homes’ story from the beginning.

Let There Be Light

One of the best mood elevators in existence is natural light. The Vitamin D that we receive from the sun has more benefits to mood and overall well-being than it gets credit for. By paying attention to the areas of your home that do, or do not, receive natural light you can think about how even a simple swap of your window treatments can allow for more to pour in. Being aware of the direction the windows in your home face can also help you take advantage of the natural light they provide. For example, if you have sunrise facing windows be intentional about starting your day in that part of your home, even on the days with overcast watching the sun work its magic on the start of the day is contagious.

Prioritize the Ten Second Tidy

It is no secret that physical clutter can lead to mental and emotional clutter as well. Most everyone has a hectic lifestyle, especially amid a work week, but investing a short amount of time each day to tidy up your home is a great way to not only practice intention, but to make sure that you start and end each day inside your home on a positive and productive note. One of the most common strategies to create a sanctuary-like vibe is to make your bed daily. Seems simple, but there lies the beauty of this notion. It does not take much to create a feeling of organization and ambition at the start of your day and experience a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere at the end of your day.

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