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How to grow sweet potatoes


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

How to grow sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are extremely healthy and easy to grow.


  • Sweet potatoes do well in loose, sandy soil. To prepare the soil, spread a 5cm layer of compost and work it into the soil. Then push the soil into a 30 centimeter-wide, flat-topped mound 15cm high.


  • Plant the slips 35cm apart in the centre of the mound, and set them 15cm into the ground, leaving at least two leaves aboveground. Water well.


  • Sweet potatoes require little care. A bit of weeding, done carefully so as not to injure the shallow roots, is usually all that is needed.


  • When the tops of the plants turn black after the first frost, the sweet potatoes are ready to harvest. 
  • Dig sweet potatoes carefully, for their skins bruise easily. Let the tubers dry for several hours, then spread them in newspaper-lined boxes. Leave them in a dry, warm area for about two weeks; then store in a cool, dry place.