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Functional home additions to consider for a small make-over


23rd Nov 2021 Home & Garden

Functional home additions to consider for a small make-over

There comes a point where we want to change something in the home, either by adding something new, repurposing something, or getting rid of something.

That’s a lot of somethings... So why not make the changes functional?

By functional we mean, if it is time for a small yearly make-over for your home, let’s demote aesthetics as a priority and look at home additions that you can use to improve your everyday life.

We’ll still take aesthetics into consideration – but let’s delve!

Re-varnish your wooden furniture or structures

Straight away this seems like an aesthetic tip, but varnish does have its functional uses. For furniture that is particularly old, a new coat of varnish can extend its life and ensure you get the most out of it.

For exterior wood structures, like patios or fencing, varnishing is vital to ensure that come rain or shine, your wooden structure will be less susceptible to weather damage.

If you aren’t comfortable doing this yourself then find a local carpenter and discuss your options. If you are thinking of changing your home’s aesthetic – this can also be a great way to introduce new shades or colours into the home.

Repurpose your floor spaces

Some homes will have a lot of open space that homeowners don’t know what to do with, and so this ends up wasted. We are talking about that spare corner in the conservatory or the corner of the living room that gets used for random storage.

There are so many different things that you can do with these kinds of spaces. Why not turn it into a floor couch? Grab a duvet or something with a lot of padding like yoga mats and pad your floor – then beautify it with cushions and blankets over the top.

Now you have a neat seating area for lounging around! Add in some beanbags for extra style points.

Consider replacing your radiators

Now, we are not talking about all of them, but if you still have a radiator in the bathroom – for example – then you should absolutely consider replacing it. Not only will it most likely be outdated and not particularly energy efficient, but they also tend to take up too much space in most bathrooms.

New designs of radiators have come along the past decade or so, and things like heated towel rails are the new in. Their sleek but simplistic design adds style to the room while saving on bills.

A particularly popular style of heated towel rail is the heated ladder towel rails you find in modern homes nowadays. Ideal for modernisation projects!

Add in brass door handles

This last addition may not be for everyone, but brass door handles are very useful – more so than other types of door handles.

Unlike other common materials used for door handles – like stainless steel – brass door handles sterilize themselves over time with a process called the oligodynamic effect. This is also true for other metals such as silver and copper.

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that being germ conscious is crucial for health and well being.

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