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Finding The Right Materials Before A Renovation Project


15th Feb 2019 Home & Garden

Renovating your home is not an easy endeavor. It involves a lot of different steps which can be tedious to accomplish. One of the main tasks which you need to undertake is to find the right materials before the renovation project. When you choose the materials on your own, it is easier to save money and also add your personal touch into the interior of your home. However, many people do not have any prior experience in sourcing such materials.

You can follow our guide below to source the right materials for your home renovation. We have created a step-by-step guide which will allow you to source the right materials at an affordable cost.


1. Prepare a list from top to bottom

The first task which you need to undertake is to prepare a list of the materials which you will need. If you have spoken with a architect/designer, they will, of course, provide you with a list of the same. However, if you’re preparing the list by yourself, it is essential to go from top to bottom. If you’re haphazardly preparing the list, you might end up missing some crucial things. 

You have to consider a few things when preparing this list. We have highlighted some of these things below.

• Does the renovation work involve any sanitary or electrical work?

• Will you be reusing some of the materials/furniture pieces?

• Will there be any painting work involved?

• Will you be changing the flooring of your home?

• Will you be getting the roof repaired or replaced?

Once you've answered these questions, it is easier for you to prepare the list of the materials which you will need and make sure you have this list at hand before you go on a shopping spree. It is a good idea to get it confirmed from your designer or architect regarding the exact quantity of each material you need. 

2. Check online stores

It is not easy to go from showroom to showroom or store to store searching for the right materials. Another option is to buy from online stores. These will often help you source the right products and offer a large variety. Another advantage of buying them from online stores is that you can get all the supplies at a single store. There are many well-known stores online that sell the entire range of supplies which you need during a home renovation. You can visit EasyMerchant website to source such products. The advantage to sourcing them online is that it saves time, you can get the materials delivered to your doorstep at a time that suits you and you can generally get them at affordable prices

3. Decide what you want to splurge on

Every home renovation project requires you to create a proper budget. Even if you have a liberal budget, it is important to list down the budget for every material. There are however certain necessities on which you need to splurge. If you try to save money on them, it can involve additional repair and maintenance expenses down the line. Some of the essentials which you shouldnt scrimp on are:

• Sanitary fittings

• Electrical fittings

• Roof repair/replacement

Try not to save money on these areas - it's vital you use quality materials otherwise down the line it could result in a significant amount of repair/maintenance expenses. It can also have an impact on the other parts of your home which will make cause a maintenance nightmare. 

Additionally, many people prefer to splurge on a particular part of their home. If you’re of the same opinion, you have to list down the same. You will have to choose the materials for that particular room accordingly.


4. Communicate with the architect/designer

At every step, stay in touch with your designer/architect. When you prepare the list, run it by your designer. Once you get the approval of the designer, you can go ahead with  shopping for the materials. Keeping the designer in the loop is essential. The designer will provide you with vital tips regarding what you should modify in your list. The designer can also make a few recommendations regarding the online stores or the local hardware stores from where you can source the materials. It will allow you to source the materials and save some money in the process.

Also, the chances are that since you are sourcing the materials for the first time, you might make some mistakes. Buying the wrong materials which cannot be returned can prove to be pretty expensive. That is why it's good to keep the architect/designer in the loop when sourcing the materials for a renovation project.

5. Discounts & sales

The expenses can quickly stack up when sourcing materials for your home renovation project. One of the easiest ways to reduce cost is to use coupons. A lot of people do not search for coupons when buying supplies online but you can easily find coupons or discount codes for a particular storewith a quick google search. A good tip is to follow the social media pages of the stores you are looking at to so you know when they are advertising sales and discounts. There are a few sales around the year which helps you save a significant amount of money. These include:

• Black Friday

• Cyber Monday

• Christmas

• New Year

• Halloween

If any of these are around the corner, it is a good idea to wait to buy the supplies. It could save you quite a bit on overall material cost. 

So, when looking to buy the right materials for a renovation project, it's a good idea to follow these tips. When you use our guide above, you can prepare a proper list of the materials which you want to source, find the right stores and the right products and quickly source the products within a short timeframe.