Everything You Need to Know About Drill Presses

When asked to think about modern day tools, we often picture handheld power tools. But has a drill press ever come to mind? Surprisingly, drill presses are still commonly used today and there has yet to come a power tool able to do the job better than the good, old fashioned, drill press.

Surprisingly, drill presses are still commonly used today and there has yet to come a power tool able to do the job better than the good, old fashioned, drill press. If at this point, you’re still wondering what a drill press is, fear not. Here, we will be breaking down everything you need to know about drill presses. This includes what it is, different types of drill presses for home and industrial projects at DrillingAdvisor. 

The Drill Press and its Uses

The drill press is a tool used to perfectly drill into desired material. Alternatively, this tool can also be used to enlarge or enhance an already existing cylindrical hole. This can apply in the sense of adding both width or depth to already existing holes and indentations. But other than that, what are the other uses for a drill press, and how does it perform in comparison to modern day hand held drilling machines? 

  • Drill Control. A drill press allows you better control over the speed you wish to carry out. Handheld drilling tools also allow for speed control but do not offer the same convenient consistency that a drill press would. 

  • Angles. Since a drill press is a standing tool within itself, its angles can be set. This means less work for you. All you have to do is clamp the material onto the angle and let the drill press do its work. 

  • Attachments. Drill Presses are more versatile than you would think. They often come with attachments to expand their features such as chiseling, sanding, and deburring tools. 

Drill Press Types

Now that we have gone over the different uses for a drill press, we can now discuss the different types. Most commonly, there are four different types of drill presses: 

Portable Drilling Machine

A portable drilling machine is just what it sounds like. This type of drill press is bigger than the standard power drill but far smaller than the average full sized drill press. These are great for small projects and can be used from any position. 

Sensitive Drilling Machine

Sensitive drilling machines are a type of drill press that are best suited for small holes and full control. These types of drill press come in two variations: bench mounting and floor mounting. Bench mounting sensitive drilling machines can be mounted to a bench and come with a foot pedal for more control and floor mounting works from the ground up. 

Upright Drilling Machine

Upright drilling machines are a type of drill press that are best for drilling large holes. These drill presses have a gear drive and come in two variations: round column, which is better for drilling through lighter materials, and box column which is best for heavy duty projects and materials. 

Radial Drilling Machine 

Radial drilling machines are among the most popular types of drill pushers. There are three variations of radial drilling machines: plain, which allow three different types of movement, semi-universal which allows additional head and horizontal arm movement, and universal, which allows complete rotation of both the head and the arm. 

Drill Press: Home Use

There are a lot of home projects where a drill press can come in handy. Having a basic drill press, such as a sensitive drill press can help with a variety of home projects. These projects can be as simple as widening or deepening holes in already existing appliances, or aiding in new woodworking projects as a whole. A drill press for home use is never a bad idea. 

Drill Press: Industrial Use

Drill press machines for industrial and commercial use have OSHA requirements for your safety. Automatic drill press machines help drilling processes and are common especially in manufacturing, production, and assembly sites. Having multiple drill presses lined up for industrial use boosts production efficiency and are highly useful in comparison to other methods of drilling. 


As we have shown, drill presses are tools that are suitable for both home and industrial use.  Not only are they reliable, but they come in many different types and variations. There is a drill press perfect for every occasion, project, and nature. Above, we have discussed the different uses for drill presses, the different types, and the ways in which drill presses are used in the house for home projects and in the industrial fields for production purposes. Now, you will think twice before downplaying the benefits of having a drill press. 

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