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Easy ways to refresh your home and maximise space

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Easy ways to refresh your home and maximise space
There's no need to wait for spring-cleaning to get your house in order. Style Sisters advise how to refresh your home with stylish storage tips
After the Christmas decorations have been taken down and put into storage, it’s the ideal time to take a step back and see how else we can overhaul our homes to create tidy, organised spaces.
From duplicate pans to cumbersome clothes hangers and underbed storage, professional organisers, Style Sisters, are here to help with their advice and home de-cluttering hacks to kick-start an orderly January. 

The living room

The living room is a place you should be able to relax, spend time with family and unwind. It’s important for this space to be calm and inviting.
It should be functional and free from clutter, and we always recommend having a good detox so that you can make sure only items that are supposed to be in there are in there!
"Storage is key, especially if space is an issue in the home"
Storage is key, especially if space is an issue in the home or if the room is used for items like storing toys for children.
Consider decorative storage baskets, side boards with plenty of storage or even a media wall or bookshelves with doors—perfect to hide the clutter from view. 

The kitchen

Kitchen interior design
We use our kitchens every day and it is often the heart of the home. Clearing out items regularly from the kitchen helps you stay on top of any food that might be out of date or nearing its sell-by date.
This applies to cutlery and crockery too—keep the space practical. It helps to group like-minded items together to keep track of what you have and prevent yourself from over-purchasing.
Also, when organising your kitchen, think about the flow of the space; put plates close to where you plate up, spices near the cooker and so on.

The bathroom

There are a variety of space-saving items available on the market for the bathroom so it’s easy to create an organised space.
Consider over-the-door storage for towels, and cabinets designed for under the sink are a great space saver. Shower caddies and slim line, free-standing caddies are all great too.
"Like the kitchen, the bathroom can quickly become cluttered with products"
Like the kitchen, the bathroom can quickly become cluttered with products. To prevent this, we recommend a ruthless detox, eliminating products you no longer use or need; it’s a great time to check expiry dates too.
This goes for makeup too—beauty products aren’t always cheap, and we tend to hold onto them “just in case”.
Be sure to prioritise, and if you don’t like it, gift it to someone while it’s still in date. Space is precious!

The bedroom

Stylish storage for bedroom
The bedroom should be your sanctuary and a space to completely relax. Having a calm and uncluttered room will help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep.
Use storage that prevents items from being on show—the less your eyes are drawn to items the better, as this will help you switch off. Decorative storage that matches the interior also allows the space to flow as one. 
Make the most of underbed storage—there are so many great organisers for clothing, accessories and shoes. Try and find one that is fully covered to avoid dust but also has a clear top so you can see everything at a quick glance.
"Having a calm and uncluttered room will help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep"
A simple way to create calm and order in your drawers is with dividers; use them for jewellery, underwear, sunglasses and scarves. There are lots of affordable ones on the high street. If you’re on a budget, use old shoe boxes. 
In the wardrobe try using slim hangers, as opposed to chunky ones that take up space.
You can also assess what clothes need to go into storage and what to keep in your wardrobe—try pointing all the hangers in one direction and when you wear an item, turn it the other way.
In a few months, you’ll have a visual of the items you’re not wearing; these can be vacuum sealed and put in the loft, taken to the charity shop, or sold. 
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