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How to declutter and spring clean your home

BY Alison Cork

1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

How to declutter and spring clean your home

Alison answers your questions on decluttering and spring cleaning

Q. My garage is a complete shambles! How do I go about clearing out and making room for storage?

A. What begins as an empty space to park our cars quickly turns into a world of junk, old memories and things we didn’t even realise we owned. Begin with calling in the troops for assistance (friends, your partner or the children), hiring a waste container and investing in a shelving unit with plastic boxes.

Remove every single box from your garage and sort them into piles of what you need to keep (such as old photographs) and throw out anything you haven’t used in two years (trust me, you won’t miss it). Once you’ve figured out what needs to stay, sort items into the plastic boxes and label accordingly.

Mop and bucket

Q. I want to give my home a facelift, but don’t know where to begin. How do I start the spring cleaning process?

A. The idea of spring cleaning can seem daunting at first. But by making a thorough list and slowly ticking it off, you’ll find the impossible can be accomplished.

Firstly, remove all bulky items you need to clean under (not to mention smaller things from cupboards, drawers and shelves). Then give your carpets a deep clean, wash walls, cabinets and woodwork, dust lighting fixtures and take down curtains for dry cleaning. Once these bigger jobs are done, you can dust and wipe down other surfaces before moving furniture and other items back into the room.


Home Improvement

Follow these tips to get your home clear of clutter and ready for future projects.


Conquer clutter

From old clothes and boxes to beyond-expired refrigerator items, homes are often filled with things we simply don’t need or use. Target one room at a time and be ruthless—think of it as simply making room for newer and better things.


Rethink your storage spaces


Utility rooms and blank walls are DIY storage projects waiting to happen. Whether you invest in clever shelving or go creative with decorative suitcases and baskets, the options are endless.

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Out with the old

Clearing out and cleaning up gives us a chance to really examine the look of every room. If a couch is looking worse for wear, look into having it recovered or, if a cabinet is tired and worn, sand, repaint and distress for a new and improved vintage inspired look.