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De-clutter your bedroom for a clear mind


1st Jan 2015 Home & Garden

De-clutter your bedroom for a clear mind

De-cluttering all aspects of your life is a therapeutic process and, to clear your mind (as well as your home), the best place to start is in the bedroom. Follow these simple steps to help stay clutter-free.

Storage Solutions

Under Bed Storage Solutions

Your bedroom is a fortress of potential storage that you may not be making full use of. Space under the bed is often used as a dumping ground for anything you want to remain unseen. Change a bad habit into a feel good moment by using a selection of storage boxes to tidy away shoes, blankets, pamper sets and whatever else you may be hiding under there. If you like a modern touch, invest in neutral coloured collapsible boxes or, if upcycling is more your thing, visit your local charity and vintage shops to make use of old crates. Ebay also sell both new and used under bed storage; we love these wicker baskets.


De-clutter your wardrobe

Oh, the vast collection of clothing you haven’t worn for what - two, three, four years now? It’s time for them to go! No doubt you’ll have received an array of stylish scarves, gloves, and knitted bits of loveliness over the years, and that bulging wardrobe isn’t thanking you for it. If your wardrobe overspill is impinging on various chairs, cupboards and the floor, then perhaps you need to think of an alternative solution. If you haven’t worn that red jumper for three years now, it needs to go. Once you have cleansed your wardrobe of pre-loved goodies, you can put them to one side ready for our next step.

Give your carefully selected styles an instant wardrobe space makeover by opting for a fitted style wardrobe  as opposed to multiple freestanding furnishings. Betta Living has a wonderful selection of modern wardrobes, worthy of your beloved clothes.


how to get rid for good

Flea MArket

After de-cluttering, you to need to get rid of those old items. Charity shops are always looking for good quality clothing, accessories and home furnishings, which means you can get rid of that item you clung desperately to and know it’s going to help others. It’s important to check with the shop you are donating to before dropping off larger pieces, such as furniture, and to ensure that your goods aren’t broken or in bad condition.

If you fancy making extra money, auction sites such as eBay, Depop, ebid and even Facebook are ready and waiting for your unwanted items. And of course classic car boot sales are still a haven for bargain hunters, especially if your clutter contains old mobile phones and collectables. You can read more about making money from your old collections here.


Create separate areas

Create Seperate Areas in bedroom

A common problem with bedroom space is that there isn’t clear definition between multiple areas. By physically defining areas in your room—either with dividers or furniture—you can get the maximum out of both your sleep space and office, or children’s play area. Allocate a corner and add in a playpen for the children, or a compact desk to help keep your belongings contained.


Clear your sleep haven

Your bed can become a workshop of ironing, paperwork and beauty products. Take the opportunity to start new, tidy resolutions – finish that pile of ironing, ditch or recycle any leftover wrapping paper, file those documents in a cupboard and put those lipsticks back in their makeup bags. Keep soft furnishings simple with throws and cushions to ensure a great night’s sleep and avoid overcrowding (or the shift of clothes onto the floor when you clamber into bed).

After making use of your newly de-cluttered bedroom space, you will hopefully feel cleansed of chaos and energised to start the year as you mean to go on. 

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