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After 140 Years: Jeyes Fluid Takes an Exciting Step With New Modern Look


31st Mar 2021 Home & Garden

After 140 Years: Jeyes Fluid Takes an Exciting Step With New Modern Look

Jeyes Fluid, the British heritage brand that’s been proudly keeping the nation’s gardens clean for over 140 years, has leaped into the future with its brand new recyclable plastic bottle and updated formula.


After two years of development and testing, the revamped bottle is kinder to the planet and the new formula can be used on more surfaces. It is available in major retailers from £4.49. Founded in 1877, Jeyes Fluid has been trusted by British households for its antibacterial power that’s withstood the test of time.


This includes being granted the prestigious Royal Warrant by the British Royal family. From sterilising the trenches in World War I, to reducing the spread of scarlet fever in the 1870s, to now keeping gardens safe through the pandemic, Jeyes Fluid has been passed down throughout ages.

Moving into the next generation, Jeyes heritage tin bottle has been replaced, as part of itscommitment to help pave the way for a more sustainable future. The new, ergonomically designed, recyclable bottle with paper labels mirrors its predecessor in terms of its iconic tin shape for easy recognition on store shelves. It’s also lighter to reduce transport emissions and removes a layer of factory manufacturing and pollution.

For years, Jeyes Fluid has been identified by it’s dark thick liquid - that’s all changed with an updated formula that kills 99.9% of bacteria and continues to be DEFRA approved against avian influenza. The brown dye from the solution has been removed to ensure it can be used on all surfaces, including lighter ones, without staining them. Additionally, the outdoor cleaner now tackles limescale and rust, along with bacteria, welcome news for gardeners in areas with hard water.

Charlotte Blampied, spokesperson for Jeyes, comments; “As Jeyes Fluid moves into an exciting new era, we look forward to loyal customers enjoying this recyclable bottle, while it stays true to its heritage. With our modern look & easier to use formula we're appealing to a younger audience whom we want to connect with the brand and encourage to get out in their gardens and clean their outdoor spaces on a regular basis. Jeyes continues to be a trusted household cleaner by millions globally, a true testament to the quality of the product. We will be continuing to developing and evolving the brand’s packaging further as part of Henkel Laundry and Homecare’s commitment to sustainability.”

Jeyes Fluid eliminates bacteria in garden and outdoor spaces. It effectively cleans a multitude of surfaces, helps to clean drains, limescale and rust on outdoor tables and chairs, decking areas, plant pots, greenhouses, pathways, driveways, garden sheds and more.

For further information about Jeyes products, please visit:


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