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A Guide to Lighting Your House the Right Way 


5th Feb 2019 Home & Garden

Proper lighting creates a warm ambiance for your house. Good lighting system gives an aesthetic value for your home as well as providing enough light. There are so many ways you can light up your house and different parts of the house require a different type of lighting. The following expert tips will give you some great ideas.

First, you have to consider the layout of your house when picking the lighting system and consider the different lighting options for every part of your house. The type of lighting you want for your house is of course, a personal preference, but here are tips that may help tp guide you. 

The Living Room

There is a lot that goes on in your living room - watching TV, reading and much more. Therefore, you need to pick the lighting system that can accommodate all the activities that go on there. You can have a combination of lights, such as table lamps and have a few across the room placed on the console table, on end tables or any other furniture where it may be necessary. If your living room is larger you can have overhead lighting fixtures. On the darker areas of your living room, you can use floor lamps. You should also consider creating room for natural lighting for the living room, especially during the day.

The Kitchen

This is another part of your house that requires complex and articulate lighting. For lighting the island and the dining table, you may need to install overhead pendant lighting or a chandelier. You can also install recessed lighting for the kitchen, which is the overall lighting for the kitchen. On the working tops consider adding under cabinet lights and special lighting for the stove and the sink area. Add the over cabinet lighting to provide enough lighting and accentuate the décor and architectural design of the kitchen.

The Bathroom

Bathroom lighting is very essential. If you have a large bathroom you'll need enough lighting to complement the space. You should start by having an overhead lighting system. Add task lighting around the grooming mirror. Ensure the light is well placed on all side of the mirror to get rid of the shadows. Consider using natural lighting for your bathroom if possible.

The Bedroom

There is a wide range of lighting options you can choose for your bedroom. Ranging from bold, dramatic, dimmed or just basic. Choose the bedroom lighting that suits your style and provides a relaxing and soothing mood. You can use overhead lights, chandeliers, table lamps on the nightstand and dressing tables. 


The Dining Room

Lighting your dining room is easy. The main source of light should be overhead lighting. You can hang pendants or chandeliers hanging just above the dining table. If you want more lighting for the dining room, you can add table lamps and floor lamps around the corners of the dining room.

The Entryway and Staircase

You can install overhead lighting or chandeliers on the entry way of the house. You can add more lighting features such as the floor lamps or table lamps. For the stairs, you need to ensure they are properly lit especially for your safety at night. You can use embed lights or light them from the sides.

The Study and Office

Install overhead lighting as the major source of light for your home office. Use floor lamps on the dark corners of the office and use a table lamp or desk lamp on the study/working table.

Each part of your house requires a differen tlighting system and you can tailor according to your style and the mood you want to create for the room. You can also use decorative features in your lighting system to accentuate the general décor of your house.