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5 Things to remember when moving house

5 Things to remember when moving house

Moving from one house to another isn’t really the easiest task to do out there.

It will be difficult emotionally, physically, and even financially, considering all the necessary expenses you’ll incur.


More so, you still can’t expect to have everything immediately wrapped up just because you took care of your new property’s payment. You still have a lot of responsibilities at hand, and it’s very easy to get overwhelmed during the process if you don’t know any better.


To prevent being confused, the handiest tool that you can have is a checklist containing the most important things that you should remember and prioritize. This is what we’re going to help you with in the following sections.


1. Tie up all loose ends legal-wise


Buying and moving to another property is tied to several legal matters. You have to transfer the papers to your name, take care of estate taxes, process the deed of sale, and obtain a lot of other relevant documents. If you’re not versed in the legal field, it’s easy to be confused about what to do first, where to go, and what exactly you need to do to wrap up everything.


To make this easier, it’s best to work with a mortgage solicitor. They will process everything that you need from the transferring process up to the official documents that you have to keep. By working with them, you will be able to save a lot of time and effort in taking care of legal needs. You can just focus on what you need in taking care of your new home. 


2. Avail of moving services


Once your move is settled, it’s best if you avail of moving services as early as possible. The moving company will be responsible for transporting all your things from your old home to your new one without all the hassle. More often than not, they work with movers, so physical labor is also the least of your concerns.


If you’re wondering if it’s necessary to have movers, or if it’s even a good thing to do, then the short answer is yes. You’ll definitely find the money you will spend worth it for all the time, effort, and stress that they can save you from.


3. Set up utility needs in your new home


Once you reach your new house, another thing that you should pay attention to is your utilities. Get a professional to check your electrical fuse box, plumbing, Wi-Fi (if there is one), and likes. Ask if you need to repair anything, and then do so as early as possible. This is important since you can never fully settle in unless your utility needs are all functional.


4. Prepare for heavy cleaning sessions


Even if you have movers and you’re already working with a team that will assist you in cleaning, you should still prepare yourself for heavy cleaning sessions.


This is inevitable, to say the least. After all, the whole house arrangement will still be up to your preferences. You may also want to improve the condition of your new home once you arrive. Either way, this is still something worth remembering, so you know what to expect before settling in.


Alongside this, make sure to set your essentials aside. Doing so will let you work around your home even if you don’t finish cleaning in just one day.


5. Update yours and your family’s contact details


Now, the last thing on our list may seem insignificant at one glance, but this is a very important step to take, no matter if you have adjusted to living in your new home or not. That said, update your and your family’s (or whoever moved in with you) contact details. May it be in terms of work or school, this is essential, so authorities know where to go in case of emergency.




Once you get a hold of your priorities, moving to another house will be a smooth-flowing process. In a nutshell, the ones that we discussed revolved around legal matters, moving needs (in terms of furniture and other home accessories), utilities, cleaning sessions, and contact updates.


Note that the process still won’t be considered a piece of cake, but it will definitely improve the convenience that you will work with.


However, if you’re really keen on moving as quickly and as easily as possible, we highly recommend browsing through conveyancing solicitor quotes, and availing of the most cost-efficient service you stumble upon. They will be responsible for all of the legal matters required in transferring to another property. It will be a big help considering that it’s one of the most complex parts that you will need to go through.

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