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5 reasons to consider polished concrete in your home


3rd Sep 2019 Home & Garden

5 reasons to consider polished concrete in your home

Bright, modern, rustic, fancy... The characteristics of a household make an impression on you from the moment you step through the door. A combination of lighting, design, furniture and flooring are key factors that pull a look together and are what you should focus on when thinking about the interior of your house.

Yet despite flooring covering a great deal of our home space, it tends to be the one area of design that gets overlooked.

We agonise and discuss our new wall colours at great length, we spend hours picking out the right bathroom or kitchen tiles, we search high and low for the perfect furniture pieces - yet we don’t give the same attention to our poor neglected floors.

So take time to look down and have a good think about what's under your feet and what you want for your home.

In the meantime, we take a look at polished concrete flooring in the home and list five reasons why it may be a good choice for you.

1- Stylish & modern

Whenever you step into a modern-looking office or house, take a look down - they'll be lots that have polished concrete floors. The look that it provides in the space that it's in is extremely elegant and stylish. The shine you get from a concrete polished floor is hard to achieve from any other type of flooring so if polished, gleaming and stylish is what you are after then take some time to research concrete polished flooring for your home. 

2- Easy to clean

A concrete polished floor is exceptionally easy to maintain from a cleaning perspective - it take a good few days of high traffic before it begins to look dirty and when it does need cleaning simply mopping or sweeping it does the trick  You never have to worry about any particular material staining it in any way and you don’t have to worry about spending too much time, effort or money to get the floor gleaming - making it a highly convenient flooring type to choose for those of us with little time on our hands, it’s easy to use vacuum cleaner to make that process perfectly done.

3- Long lasting & durable

Whenever you're installing any new type of flooring to your household, you probably think about what it absolutely cannot be exposed to. Well, with polished concrete, there's no such thing. If properly installed, the flooring is impenetrable from any substance that might ruin other types of flooring. These sustainable polished concrete floors can outlive most (if not all) other types of floorings when it comes to lifespan and maintenance costs due to the sturdy material and the polished coat used - this protects it from any damages that can occur throughout time and constant use. 

4- The economic choice

As mentioned above, this type of flooring doesn’t require maintenance that often (if at all). That means that once they're installed, you’ve pretty much already paid everything that’s needed to be paid. The good part is that the tiles themselves don’t cost that much in the first place - making it an economic and cost effective type of flooring to pick.

5 - It may be shiny, but it isn’t slippery

If you like to walk around your house with socks on, especially in the winter when the floor is cold, you might start thinking about how hazardous and slippery a polished concrete floor might be. But despite it's shiny look - it isn’t a slippery surface at all. It's smooth to the touch, but it has enough friction so you are not skating around your house whenever you walk on it. 

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