5 Best planners to keep you organised in 2019

Best Self Journal, £29.78

Best for: Self-reflection

With a mission statement this bold—"The Self Journal will help you become the person you know you can become" —Best Self has some serious hype to live up to.

Thankfully it more than delivers, and their Self Journals (which span just 13 weeks, but are available in yearly sets) are ideal for a goal-focused approach to personal growth. 

With sections dedicated to daily mindfulness, habit tracking and pointers for breaking big tasks into manageable chunks, it could be the key to a quieter, more organised mind in 2019. Certainly, it'll make those New Year's resolutions a lot easier to stick to. 

We'd particularly recommend these planners for those starting their own business or a new project in the new year.

5. Best Self Journal, £29.78
Best Self Journal, £29.78