A new trend: diamond jewellery for men


8th Dec 2020 Life

A new trend: diamond jewellery for men

In history, men are adorned in different jewelry as much, or even more than women. However, today's jewelry industry is a female domain, but that does not mean men cannot ornate themselves with beautiful jewelry. In recent years, the traditional lines between masculinity and femininity regarding fashion and wearing jewelry are blurring. 

The cultural shift allows today's men to experiment with wearing different types of jewelry. In the past years, men can at least wear diamonds if imbued in their traditional jewelry like wedding bands, signet rings, cufflinks, and tie pins. Nowadays, men can easily integrate diamonds into their outfits due to the popularity of modern men's jewelry made out of diamonds. 

Engagement and wedding bands

This piece of jewelry is timeless and traditional jewelry that no one can do wrong. Rings serve as proof of your love and commitment to your significant other. Men or women, it is never uncommon to see someone with an engagement or wedding rings on their hands.

Diamonds can easily be used in this type of band. It can either be one large stone in the center or a cluster of diamonds forming an intricate design. There are various types of diamond cuts men can choose from for their band. However, for a more unique and robust style, black diamond rings are also available in the market. 

Decorative rings

Besides engagement or wedding rings, you can purchase decorative diamond rings to enhance your style.Pinky rings are among the common types of decorative rings. They can be worn in a casual manner or only a handful of times, depending on the ring's design. 

Signet rings are another diamond ring men can wear aside from engagement or marriage rings. They are considered the oldest jewelry for men. Back in the days, signet rings have engravings on the top, but now, they are replaced by unique stones. These rings are often a family heirloom and are worn in the pinky finger of your non-dominant hand.

Diamond necklaces, chains, and pendants

Depending on the look you are going for, there are various diamond necklaces, chains, and pendants designs that will suit you. For a bolder look, go for diamond chains. If you want more casual and everyday wear jewelry, choose something with a straightforward chain but have a great diamond pendant.  


Chains are already in the fashion industry for a long time, but diamond chains are still new. Diamond chains especially look good when paired with black attire because of the appealing contrasting colors. Chains can be used on whatever occasion you may need to attend and can be a great asset if used correctly. 


Bracelets commonly worn by men are often made out of metals or leather. However, to achieve a more refined look and style, diamond bracelets are the way to go. Diamond bracelets add a certain charm and power to the overall presence of the man. 


There are two (2) types of diamond bracelets men can choose from, link bracelets and tennis bracelets. Whatever you choose, it is wise to stick to a diamond bracelet with a simple design. Another way to enhance diamond bracelets is if they are made with gold and platinum, making them compatible in wearing in any event. Bracelets with black diamonds are also in the trend.

Stud earrings


Earrings or ear studs may be a miniature accessory, but they can bring focus to your face. Black or white diamond stud earrings are trendy even with the celebrities. It is common to wear both earrings, but you can experiment in style by only wearing one diamond stud. Diamonds in princess cut and radiant cut are among the favorites.    


Aside from ear studs, hoops and clip-on are available options you can choose from. Diamond earrings bring out your fashion taste and sense of style. 


Cufflinks are traditional jewelry of men and can be worn on many formal occasions, including graduations, weddings, and critical business events. Cufflinks can be made out of different metals and unique stones, including diamonds. Diamond cufflinks are not uncommon, but they are an all-time classic favorite of men. 

Tie clips


Tie clips are another traditional diamond jewelry of men. The tie clips' purpose is for your tie to stay in place when you are attending a gathering. The tie clips are placed between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt. Tie pins can be made with various metals, but diamond tie pins bring out your class and elegance.


Diamonds give a more sophisticated and elegant look that is an excellent addition to any outfit of your choice. That is why this trend keeps getting more popular every day. When using diamond jewelry, remember to keep it classy and simple and match your accessories appropriately. Not only are diamonds boosting your style, but they are also a statement. 


Many years ago, jewelry pieces with diamonds often imply both wealth and power, which still holds true in this generation making diamonds a unique unisex treasure. 

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