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Top agency revamping the trends in fashion industry, ICON Model Management in Toronto


15th Jun 2021 Fashion & Beauty

Staying in competition is a concern for any business, regardless of its industry. Brands have the responsibility to adapt to changing customer behavior to survive well in the game.

The difficulties in survival within the retail environment begin with the necessity of bringing what really matters to the customers. Many people tend to buy what is in trend. While some fail to imagine if they buy a certain thing, how effective will it be for them or how many ways can it help them better represent themselves? Therefore, to survive the battle within a customer's head, brands must stay afloat in their marketing game. There is a major struggle in a retail environment for brands to win the hearts of consumers. It is the need of the hour that brands must not only adapt to changing trends and consumer preferences but also to an industry that has a wide variety of players, including fast fashion, direct-to-consumer and high-fashion.


It requires a time lesser than six weeks for a particular brand to craft a concept and deliver it to the shelf. But during all this process, it is important to create awareness among the public to bring something to in their use. The brands that are successful in attracting the masses to their products win the race. Their success forces the rest of the fashion world to follow suit. With the factor of innovation and competitiveness, fashion brands can get hold of consumers' expectations who desire trendy stocks. After realizing the need for improvement and focus, the brands look to increase efficiency and productivity within inventory and supply chain management for the fashion industry. In order to eradicate the point of failure, the brands must innovate fast and follow the creative suit.

Fostering brand loyalty among customers with endless choices

ICON Model Management has entered new verticals and has started taking more progressive steps to establish itself in the fashion space. The fashion industry is particularly competitive, and that doesn't look like it will change anytime soon. The face that leads a particular fashion is remembered for a long time. Often a certain trend is followed by the face that represents it. As consumers can choose from an endless list of brands and products, it is important to keep them hooked to the brand of their choice. The products may vary, but the strategy behind publicizing must be innovative and trendy. It has become the priority of brands to invest in strategies to secure the interests of their loyal customers and keep them coming.

There are a variety of smart ways that fashion brands can encourage following trends through offering social media, rewards programs, mobile apps, discounts, etc., but the smartest way is to have a face for voicing the product quality of a brand. For that very reason, having a face that people can connect to is essential. Regardless of the tactic used, loyalty comes down to building trust and positive relationships with consumers. In the world of fashion and accessories, it starts with the model who carries a line in a way that makes the audience realize that they must have it.

It turns out that fashion brands are trying to solve their problems with competition, omnichannel and loyalty: personalization. Delivering a one-on-one customer experience has emerged as the biggest theme among customers in the fashion and apparel industry. ICON Model Management. has provided the solution for all such needs. It has covered the needs of many influential businesses, including General Motors, Ford, FedEx. It also extends its clientele to other industries, including media and fashion, with acquisitions with MTV and CBC and Fashion Television, respectively. It also has the honor of representing fashion icons for brands like Dior, Bvlgari, Cartier, Versace, Gucci, Armani, and Prada. Vira Boshkova is a rising star who has been a face for Prada and has an affiliation with ICON Model Management Inc.

The faces from ICON Model Management have appeared in notable fashion editorials for Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Italia, L'Officiel, Elle, a few to name. Since its inception in 2004, it has proven its worth by staying in the fashion world as one of the leading modeling agencies in Toronto. It has an overall coverage in the North American region, and the natives recognize the faces. Most consumers are comfortable with businesses that collect personal data, as it leads to products and services that make their lives easier and more fun by educating them about money investment techniques. People seek guidance through fashion models and invest in the products that enlighten them about usability. Without personalization, brands risk delivering inaccurate or unremarkable customer experiences and losing potential customers. Therefore, having an opinion and strategic overview from a modeling agency with experience in providing brands with what they require is a great idea.

ICON Model Management has always helped brands to bring the best solution for projecting the product line while setting a remarkable difference in the fashion world. Everything that goes through its team of experts brings a revolutionary idea of depicting change and becoming a trendsetter.

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