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Tips for growing out a hairstyle

Tips for growing out a hairstyle

Growing out your hair doesn't mean you have to go through an "awkward phase"—follow these tips for how to style your hair while growing it out and make it look great

As we emerge from the practicalities of winter dressing into the more carefree feeling of spring, it often feels like the perfect time for a hair shake-up. Suddenly, the low-maintenance crops of last season are replaced with a lust for tousled beach waves, whimsical braids or even just a little more hair to experiment with.

Growing your hair can take serious time and commitment, and there will be many “awkward” lengths that will have you itching to take out the scissors once more. Persevere with our top tips below and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the in-between stage, and all that goes with it.


Invest in fun clips


Ideal for sweeping away an outgrowing fringe, clip embellishments are having a serious moment this season. Seen on the catwalks of Gucci and Marc Jacobs, a huge number of styles are available, but we particularly like those in natural tones—stone, marbles and peachy effects all evoke spring sophistication rather than “back to school”.

If you’d rather keep things simple, the humble bobby pin can also work wonders. Pin a fringe upwards to create texture and volume, or clip to either side for a subtler look. Bobby pins are also highly useful for those growing out layers, or transitioning from a hair relaxer into a natural style.


Use curling irons to hide awkward lengths

curling irons.png

As anybody with curly hair knows, a good wave can do plenty to disguises mismatched lengths. Volume will help distract from length, and provide interest to a shorter style.

When it comes to curling, it is important to invest in the right products to keep your hair in top, healthy condition. Always use a heat protection spray and opt for a device with a customizable heat setting.

The Babyliss Curl Pro is currently the UK’s best seller at a absolute bargain price of £19.99, but we also love the Glamoriser Instant Autocurler at £99—infused with diamond oil and with variable heat, time and curl direction, it works well on all different hair types.


Slick back your sins

hair gels.png

Uneven hairs sticking out all over the place? Slick things back with a high-hold gel. The “wet look” has been a high-fashion favourite for years, and works well as a means to tame baby hair, grown out textures and even disguise a fading colour job.

Bodyshop’s Fixing Gel (£7) comes infused with wheatgrass to encourage growth, while Bumble & Bumble’s Styling crème (£20) works well with either dry or wet hair. For afro hair types, DevaCurl’s Curl Sculpting Pomade (£20) tames without leaving a crunchy finish, with the added bonus of zero sulfates, parabens or silicon.


Cover the lot with a trendy scarf


Headscarves and bands are great in the spring summer heat for keeping us cool, but they also hide a multitude of hair sins.

Perfect for adding a splash of colour to an outfit, use yours to disguise growing roots by sweeping into a messy bun, or hold a fringe in place by placing high on the head.

Alternatively, a larger wrap looks great in a turban style—Zara have a wonderful selection starting at just £7.99.


Invest in regular professional trims


Lastly but possibly the most important, is to remember to maintain regular appointments with a professional hairdresser.

Although trimming hair to promote length may seem counterproductive, it’s actually vital for hair health and growth, getting rid of split ends and damaged bits.

A healthy, nutrient rich diet can also help, as does limiting the amount of protection-free heat styling and sun exposure. Patience is a virtue—it won’t be long before you have the locks of your dreams.

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