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The return of the kitten heel: How to get it right

The return of the kitten heel: How to get it right
Experience a little ankle-architecture with the surprisingly wearable new trend for highly designed kitten heels
As a rule, I'm not a follower of trends. But every so often a fresh look inspires me, and this is one of them. Enter the quirky, architectural low heel; kitten heels with an arty twist. These tick every box for me. They make a statement. They're wearable. They slot into my wardrobe. They're comfortable. They work equally well with dresses and trousers. And they're trans-seasonal, so I can get lots of wear out of them. What's not to love?
gucci kitt.jpg
Just imagine how well these shoes would update a pair of jeans and a good jumper or t-shirt. Instantly, your outfit looks thoroughly modern, like you made an effort, and didn't just slip on your trusty ballerina flats.
pink kitten.jpg
Even if you're not a fan of shouty shoes (and I'm afraid I am), modern architectural kitten-height heels strike just the right balance between subtle and statement. These kitten heels look new to our eyes because we're not used to the unusual shapes (yet). Some look like little sculptures. As much as I love heels, now I've reached "a certain age", I can't always wear vertiginous ones anymore. But a lower heel isn't just kinder to our backs, knees, and feet… they work exceptionally well with cropped or cuffed jeans, while still looking ladylike with a skirt.
Think of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, the ultimate style icon. What was she wearing? Kitten heels! There's a good reason they're always in favour with the fashion pack; you get an elegant look from the front without the discomfort of a high heel in the back.
Given the sculptural update, kitten heels 2.0 will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe, I'm just having a hard time deciding which ones to choose!