The biggest beauty trends to look out for in 2020

Each new year represents new cycles, new beginnings and innovation in many aspects of life and investing in a fresh new look is much more powerful than we think

It gives us a new image and the confidence to set new goals. It is also common that in the first months of the year people look for changes they can apply to their look and seek out the latest beauty trends to help them do this.

As a  beauty professional, it is important that these trends do not come as a surprise; in such a globalized world, the flow of information is so great that trends come and go in a matter of weeks ad it's vital to keep on top of these to help your own knowledge growth and to advise your clients accordingly.

We have put together a list of trends that we anticipate lasting the year through.


According to an article published by Elle magazine, there are four key colours set to take of this year. Forget blonde, getting the right tone of red is a must for 2020 - from the palest shades to fire reds. Bleached bits is a trend set to continue too - no surprise as it's low commitment and wearable for most hairtypes. 'Pantone’s colour of the year 2020 is ‘Classic Blue’ with many salons seeing a resurgence of deep and bold blue hair colours requested by clients. Vivid hair colours with Rainbow Balayage is also growing in popularity and swamp green hair colours a la Billie Eilish is going to be big for 2020.


Say goodbye to elaborate hairstyles for a while, simple is the way forward:

  1. The ponytail: According to Vogue, this simple hairstyle will return in its most neglected form, loose with some curls at the ends of the hair. The odd whisp of hair near the face adds to the look.

  2. Braids: This beautiful hairstyle swept through pretty much all of 2019, but for 2020 it's all about braids at night so you can show off tousled and carefree waves in the morning, which with a bit of love and some decent products, will last the whole day.

  3. The mane: Long manes with carefree curls, use styling tools loosely so apply the natural look.


Last but not least, cosmetics will continue to be a benchmark for innovation in the beauty industry and although looks will evolve throughout the year, here are some ones to start with: i

  1. Gloss: Sticky and glossy lips will return for a more informal and youthful look.

  2. Cat eye: The cat eye, in all its forms, will be the new look of the day to day.

  3. Neat nails: Geometric shapes, simple lines and French nails will return to demonstrate that simplicity and elegance is the way forward. 

These are four important keys in trends in beauty 2020

"Boom" of organic and "natural" hairdressers

On Instagram there is a revolution of hairdressing salons that do not opt ​​for special effects but stand out for their “indie” connotations and because they focus on making cuts and using organic products so people can enhance their look without making radical changes.


Today, followers of fashion and beauty focus on their individuality and on highlighting their own unique identities.

That is why there are stores like kollectionk that are dedicated to creating custom shades and lipsticks, as well as customizable packaging, among many other customization mechanisms customers can use and apply to help them find what suits them.

Several products in one

Several years ago, Korean cosmetics led the way by mixing the moisturizer with its BB Cream, from which it created other more specific versions.

This was widely copied in western cosmetics. But the Koreans were pioneers in the topics of makeup and skincare by simplifying the use of products.

This applies to hair too - for example, for people that don't want to wash their hair every day, dry shampoo has made life much easier for them.

Beauty influencers

Many beauty influencers have millions of followers and many use the classic contour makeup, marked eyebrows and matte lips, among other aesthetic clichés from social networks such as Instagram.

However, this could be about to change as new, natural beauty warriors emerge as influencers.

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