The 10 most outrageously dressed celebs ever

There's making a fashion statement, and then there's making heads turn so much they almost break. These 10 celebs have always broken the rules.


Bjork's bejewelled face

From arriving at the 2001 Oscars in a fluffy ballet dress with a swan attached, the petite Icelandic singer knows how to turn heads. Covering herself in feathers, jewelled masks or pom pom afros, the woman knows how to make an entrance and leave us all confused.

Lady Gaga

A Rather Meaty Lady GaGa

The queen of quirk, Lady Gaga has been on a mission to surprise and shock ever since she released her first single Just Dance in 2008. Who can forget her arriving on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards in a frock made entirely out of meat?


Madonna's classic conical bra

The 80s icon has inspired so many looks ever since her conical bra and using Christianity as a fashion statement. The Queen of Pop never sleeps when it comes to fashion, and we expect she'll be strutting around in leotards when she's in her own 80s.

Dame Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood started punk fashion

The first lady of punk rock fashion, Dame Vivienne turned heads in the 70s with her boutique Sex on King's Road in Chelsea. Flame-haired Dame Viv made tartan skirts cool, and to this day, inspires alternative designers while at the same time dressing celebrities like Helena Bonham-Carter on the red carpet.

David Bowie

Watch that man!

The original chameleon of fashion and music, David Bowie is one of the most iconic dressers in modern history. David took fashion and made it his art, creating different identities as he went along: Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross mounts a tiger

She was super-sleek in The Supremes, but then the 80s and 90s hit and Diana Ross chose to embrace them with full gusto, covering up in giant balls of taffeta at any opportunity.


Scantily Clad Cher

Some of her outfits can cause your eyes to water, but whatever you think about them, Cher always manages to take things one step further in the outrageous stakes! Costume designer Bob Mackie is behind many of her looks - the leather, the fishnets, the big hair - these images definitely make an impression!

Katie Price

Katie price and her tiara of ipods

The glamour model turned reality star knows how to get column inches with her appearance. If she's not squeezing her enormous assets into ridiculously tight tops and barely-there skirts, she's dressed as a princess, or a pair of lips, or a pantomime horse.


Liberace outlandish and proud

Probably the most outlandish piano player ever known, Liberace knew how to make himself dazzle. Looking like Beethoven had had a run-in with a flamingo and a box of crown jewels, Liberace's outfits just grew and grew - layers of capes, feathers, fur - you name it, it went on him.

Elton John

Elton John

He's worn a model of the Eiffel Tower on his head and dressed up as Captain Hook and Donald Duck - there's nothing Sir Elton won't try! His glasses got more and more outrageous the more famous he got, making his look a very easy fancy dress costume.