Standout outfits from the James Bond franchise

James Bond is well known for his impeccable style, and this extends to his villains. The characters, no matter who they are, are always dressed to the nines!

It doesn't matter what Bond, “M,” or Miss Money Penny are doing - dishing out guns, chasing down villains, or even playing the slots - you will never find them underdressed. 

Let's take a peek at some of our favorite fashion moments from the James Bond series.

The best Bond outfits of all time

Daniel Craig is James Bond (rumors say not for much longer, though), and he has a closet full of cool suits to match. Whether it's a classic black tuxedo for high-stakes poker games or an elegant double-breasted jacket, which might work well or a for meeting with Q, there's always something new in his selection! With the upcoming release No Time to Die, we choose Daniel Craig's style as the best Bond style of all time.

The classic black, grey, and white aesthetic used in Skyfall, as seen through the clothes worn by 007, is typical of the classic styling James Bond is known for. The stunning grey suit from that third installment of his series (23rd Bond film) was made for Craig by Tom Ford and perfectly matched the old 1964 Aston Martin DB5 - cool and stylish.

The most stylish Bond villains

In sharp contrast to Sean Connery's James Bond, these villains had a sense of outrageous style. Goldfinger won the 1964 Best Style Oscar, with his gold-colored suit and pink ties while Octopussy killed it in 1983 when she donned fur over her white gown. Blofeld was always elegant no matter what he wore - a sharp suited villain with a penchant for Persian cats.

Blofield appears in six James Bond Movies, and if we're honest, his best accessory is the cat M.A.D: that's the cat's name, unusual we know, but that's the movie industry for you.

The best-dressed Bond girls ever

Indeed, the James Bond films have always had their share of stylish and sophisticated men, but they would be nothing without the women who have captured our hero's heart (or broken it).

You can't truly call yourself a Bond fan if you don't lust after some of the beautiful outfits.

I mean, look at these badasses: from Emma Peel (in TV series "Dr.Strangelove") to Honey Ryder - played by Naomie Harris - their words are deadly weapons on their own.

However, no one portrays a Bond girl like Vesper Lynd. Over fifty years ago, Ian Fleming's Casino Royale introduced us to Vesper Lynd. This Bond girl was the first of her kind; intelligent and strong-willed with an independent streak a mile long, dressing like no other female character had done before!

The Bond gaze is always on the lookout when it comes to some eye candy. Ursula Andress as Vesper, captured every detail in that sexy pose, while simultaneously demonstrating how capable women should be portrayed on film.

In 2006 director Martin Scorsese dared take things one step further by casting Eva Green as his version, or rather "parody" of this classic character—a more modern-day manifestation featuring witty dialogue instead of gadgets or violence, but still dressed in the most glamorous outfits.

Style tips from the James Bond movies

It's the attention to all the fine details that make all of us look just right. The way your outfit is tailored to fit perfectly, or how an accessory brings out a color in someone's eyes and makes them stand out from everyone else - those are the things that count when you're trying to be stylish! So take some inspiration from the James Bond movies by checking out Sean Connery in Thunderball.

When it comes to style, Sean Connery as James Bond is all about power dressing. At 6'2" (196 cm), Connery is the proverbial clothes horse. He was made for elegance and style, pulling off those tailor-made suits with sartorial flair.

When playing James Bond, Sean Connery knew the rules of men's fashion. He tailored his waistcoat to fit under a plaid suit in order not to be stocky or overstuffed, and it worked beautifully, proving that a man with such effortless elegance can tackle any situation and will always get the girl.

Iconic wardrobe items that every man should own

When it comes to dressing for success, nothing beats a classic grey suit. This staple of the business world is an instantly recognizable formality that will never go out of style, thanks mainly to how easy it is to style in a myriad of ways. This suit will portray understated elegance instead of being too extra and drawing too much attention in a bad way.

We all need our wardrobe staples like a classic pair of black shoes, crisp white shirts and a well-cut suit. The key to looking like Bond in these items is to find a great tailor. Most of us can only purchase off the rack, but there's no reason that the garments shouldn't fit like they were made for you.

Final Word

There are so many Bond films to choose from, but there is no denying that Daniel Craig as James Bond has some of the best styles in the film franchise. As we head into the latest release, ‘No Time to Die,’ it's worth looking at how he dresses and what makes his outfits stand out among all other heroes and villains on-screen.

Some clothes might be more practical than others, especially for a fictional spy character who faces off against deadly enemies like Dr. No or Goldfinger (or even Mr. Hinx). However, you can still get plenty of inspiration for where to wear your bespoke or off-the-rack suits with confidence!

So whether you want to look like an elegant secret agent or dress better for work this winter, James Bond is the style icon to beat all style icons.

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