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Natalia Elenkina predicts Summer 2021 fashion trends


22nd Apr 2021 Fashion & Beauty

Natalia Elenkina predicts Summer 2021 fashion trends

What’s new for the Summer 2021 Season? Natalia Elenkina lets us in on the secrets

Who better to ask about the upcoming summer season than a fashion model? We caught up with miss Natalia Elenkina to discern what the fashion world is making of all this staying-at-home business.

What’s hot and what’s not in 2021? Let’s find out!

Natalia Elenkina: Top Model

Natalia Elenkina is a model who skyrocketed to career success by way of an Instagram account. Although already working as a young model, it uploaded pictures to Instagram that brought her into the spotlight. Natalia was quickly talent scouted, and her sponsors now provide her with a photographer all of her very own.

With recent meetings in Hollywood and the world of fashion at her delicate feet, we wanted to ask Miss Elenkina where she thinks fashion is headed in the next six months. She had some fascinating opinions on what’s going to be big this year… so let’s hear them!

Top Trends for Summer 2021

Natalia Elenkina has a few innovative ideas as to what 2021 will bring us in fashion terms. Here are her top ideas.

Fashion will get more sustainable.

It’s true. For the last few years, sustainability has been elevated. Still, you only need to look at the public reaction to the previous few significant 2019 fashion events to see that sustainability is becoming a key feature. If you don’t use sustainable materials, the public isn’t going to buy from you.

On top of this, Hemp production is on the rise. Hemp fibers are a carbon-neutral crop, which might replace cotton and wool as our chief source of the material. It’s better for the environment, and new ways to treat it mean that both hemp and bamboo fibers can be cotton soft. Watch this space for hemp and bamboo summer clothing in 2021.

Loungewear is the New Normal

Now that most of us work from home to avoid catching the plague, loungewear is flying off the shelves. This trend is likely to continue well into winter of this year. Once you have convinced a woman to give up her jeans for a few months, there’s no getting her back into them without a war.

Denim might be on the way out altogether. Nobody likes double denim and, with all of us out of shape after successive lockdowns, jeans just aren’t a thing anymore. Unless you want to shame your clients into losing weight (Which is an obvious no-no), this means fashion designers are going to have to work in bigger sizes.

Oversized is In

Last but not least, Natalia Elenkina reckons that oversized clothing will be the theme of the summer. We might not enjoy wearing bags of extra material on a hot day, but we do enjoy covering up those lockdown pounds until we can shift them again.  Oversized is in… and fashion designers just have to make the changes to match.

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