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Luxury goods that are worth investing in

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Luxury goods that are worth investing in
Whether you can afford to buy luxury goods as soon as payday hits your bank or you have to save for weeks, months or years, there are some things which are worth investing in
We’re going to take a look at some of the key pieces that, while they may cost a pretty penny, you could make a profit in a few years to come. If you’re willing to hit the luxury high street, here are some of the key pieces to keep your eyes on.


A staple in the accessory world, a luxury watch is a fantastic investment. There are many brands to choose from, but one which has stood the test of time (literally) and proven to be a worthwhile investment is a Rolex. A Rolex Daytona Rainbow Everose was once bought for £75,000 then when the watch was sold a year later, the gavel dropped at £237,500, making more than three times profit!
So bear in mind if you have a Rolex sitting on your desk, and fancy selling it with help from a specialist—Watchmaster is a good example of one of these—then you could make a profit.


Now, while you may have a cupboard filled with bags, do you have the bag? Luxury brands work on a scale, there’s affordable luxury which may be relatively easy to save for - and then there’s high-end luxury, which could take a little longer. It’s the latter which holds the products that are worthwhile investments - like accessories from the brand Hermès. The Hermès Birkin handbag has been found to outperform both the S&P 500 and the price of gold in the last 35 years, a 2016 study showed.
  • In the same 35 years, the bag’s value increased over 500%
  • The value of the bags are expected to double in 10 years
  • One sold at auction in Hong Kong for a record-breaking $380,000


When we look at investments it’s important to note that an investment doesn’t just mean an increase in value but also how well they’ll last. One key piece of clothing which has proven to be a great investment is the Burberry trench coat. This classic wardrobe must-have was originally designed as a military jacket for First World War soldiers.
Now you can regularly see it on runways and catwalks around the world. Why is a coat an investment? Longevity. The coats are made with premium high-quality material. They’re designed to withstand all of the elements Mother Nature can throw at them—let’s not forget they started life in the trenches! When you invest in a Burberry trench coat, expect to have it for quite some time.

Are luxury goods worth it?

Luxury goods, while they come with large price tags, they can be worth it in the end. Whether it means not having to buy another coat for 50 years or being able to pay off your remaining mortgage thanks to a clever investment in some accessories—if you take good care of them and store them properly, they’re sure to reward you in the end.
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