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Is olive oil good for hair?

Is olive oil good for hair?
For centuries now, people have turned to the potent properties of olive oil in an effort to keep their hair healthy, nourished and full of vitality.
Image of a lady lying down having head massaged with olive oil
A lot has changed since its early uses as far as understanding is concerned - and now leading hair care specialists across the globe are recommending its use, not to mention a host of manufacturers including olive oil as a key ingredient within shampoos, conditioners and hair moisturisers. Why is this, you might ask? Let’s take a look in a little more detail.

Using olive oil as a hair care treatment

Using olive oil for hair isn’t a new concept; in fact, it dates back to early Roman times, when men and women would carefully comb the substance into their hair, before allowing it to air dry and then wiping away the excess. The result? A thick, revitalised appearance to their follicles that can withstand the elements and stay looking fresh for days at a time.
Nowadays, we have a better understanding of the science behind the properties of olive oil and studies have shown that thanks to the presence of oleic acid and squalene, the oil has the potential to not only strengthen hair, but make it more elasticated, too. Throw in a natural ability to complement the keratine within strands of hair and the result is a powerhouse of health, appearance and protection.

Top 3 benefits of olive oil for hair

As olive oil is all-natural and acts as a deep conditioner, it has a host of benefits that simply can’t be overlooked. With this in mind, here are the top 3 when adding it to your overall hair care routine:

1. Improved scalp health

Not only can olive oil be great for your hair, but also your scalp - and warming just a small amount in the palm of your hand and massaging it into the top of your head can work to minimise the growth of fungus and bacteria. After just one use, your scalp will be fresher and healthier, no matter how much stress your head goes through on a daily basis. A healthy scalp will improve the function of your follicles and this will help stronger, healthier hair to grow right from the root.

2. Dandruff relief

Dandruff is actually a disease by definition, so it can often take medicated shampoo to clear fully. The problem with this is that it can dry hair out, so a super boost of moisture can be necessary. The more chemicals you add to your scalp, the more your condition is likely to flair back up, so olive oil can be the best option for your needs.

3. Damage repair and limitation

Hair may be intrinsically strong, but as it is so thin, it can be prone to breakage, split ends and more, which can be exacerbated by heat styling and even UV rays and environmental factors. Olive oil can not only smooth split ends and repair long-term damage as it contains vitamins A and E alongside antioxidants, but it can also protect strands from the root to the tip and improve manageability alongside the overall look and feel of it.
As a knock-on effect of these benefits (and the myriad of others on offer), your hair will be sleek, shiny and healthy from as little as one use - and this will help to give you a confidence boost. After all, your hair can have an impact on how you feel about yourself and even on your overall image - and who wouldn’t want to look and feel good with just a little additional effort?

Can anyone use olive oil in their hair?

This will of course depend on the person’s hair type, with thicker locks benefitting far more than thinner follicles. Because oil is a heavy substance, it can weigh down finer hair, but that hasn’t stopped those with this type from taking advantage of the other properties of olive oil. It’s always best to avoid oversaturating your hair, as the oil can actually block pores on your scalp and lead to build-ups of fatty deposits, but generally speaking, applying oil once a week is considered safe.
The best way to apply olive oil is directly and via an organic source (such as pure olive oil in a bottle), before wiping away the excess - or by using a tried and tested product from a reputable manufacturer. These products will likely contain the optimum amount of oil as defined by research, allowing you to take full advantage of the health benefits, without over-exposing your hair follicles so that they get weighed down.

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