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How to look stylish at home

How to look stylish at home

Lisa Lennkh on why we should take advantage of our current downtime to reflect on ethical fashion choices

Recently, I read the global pandemic we're living through aptly described as "the great pause". We've been given a glimpse of what our world is like when almost everything comes to a standstill. Fortunately, it's temporary, but if the climate crisis continues, this kind of economic and social disruption could be permanent.

From a fashion perspective, I hope that "the great pause" creates a lasting imprint on our decisions around buying clothes. I hope we buy even more carefully, buy only what we need, and only from trusted sources, just as we do with the food we eat. I pray the pause kills the environmental scourge of fast fashion on our planet forever, but I'm not overly optimistic. I've always been an avid supporter of sustainable fashion businesses, but the consideration for my personal responsibility in my own fashion choices has become even sharper due to the pandemic.

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Spending all of my time in my home has caused a drastic shift in my wardrobe. My comfortable cotton items are my daily wear instead of just my weekend wardrobe. Comfort, texture, and, of course, sustainability, guide all of my purchases. I invested in a few key pieces that have suited my working from home needs perfectly, and will also be useful for many years to come as clothes to exercise in.

First up is a luxurious bright turquoise hoodie from Land's End. It's in the spring colour palette, so it looks fresh on the many video calls I do for work. The fabric is so incredibly soft that I'll buy more of these in the future if they make any other colours that suit me.

Hoodies have always had a place in my workout and leisure wardrobe. The quality of this one is exceptional, and it is more flattering and cheerful than the faithful soft-grey one I've worn for years.

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I'm a huge fan of leggings; working from home, they are a much more comfortable option than jeans. The best ones I've found are "Flow With It" leggings from sustainable British brand, Asquith London. Every few seasons I check Asquith's new colour range. These particular leggings don't have that awful shiny synthetic look and feel of running tights; they're more for yoga. The fabric is a breathable soft organic cotton and bamboo mix that never pulls or goes sheer after years of washing. I have several pairs and I won't buy any other brand now. Asquith London cotton vests and tees are also a big favourite of mine mostly for the quality of the fabric but also for the beautiful colours. Their fabrics are like wearing a hug. You actually feel the positive commitment to ethical craftsmanship in the clothing.

Another crucial item in my work from home wardrobe is a great pair of slippers. I have a few pairs that I rotate depending on the season and temperature—and washability is key. I insist on having ones I can wash; I hate the feel of the synthetic fabric and plastic-soled ones that only last for several months and a few washes before falling apart. My recent find are Tom's slippers; they are washable wool and have natural rubber soles. The brand has been committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability since inception, so I like to support them rather than buy the big store £14 throwaway versions.

I hope despite the inconveniences, you find some great things to enjoy during this pause. Fashion is the second most polluting industry on our planet so our choices have a real impact. A slower, more considered way of living and consuming creates a healthier and safer future for all.

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