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How to Get Perfect Eyeliner


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

How to Get Perfect Eyeliner

It is amazing how perfect eyeliner can make any look complete. Even if you have stuck to a very simple overall look, with minimal makeup, strong winged eyeliner can make you look glamorous, whilst a subtle nude line can emphasise the eyes for natural beauty. Here are some ways to get perfect eyeliner.

Use the right eyeliner

You will never be able to get perfect eyeliner if you aren’t using the right tools. There are plenty of different eyeliners on the market, and which one is ideal for you really depends on your eyes, style and what occasions you wear eyeliner for. Liquid liners come in pots or pens, with brush or hard tips.

For a strong line, you should choose a brush pen or pot, although pens are best for a steady line. For smudged, smoky eyeliner, a simple kohl pencil is best, and there is absolutely no need to choose an expensive kohl liner, as most of them do the same thing.

Gel liners are applied with a brush and should only be used by the most confident artist. If you are comfortable, though, you can get a truly stunning look from a gel liner.

Choose your shape

There are so many different shapes you can choose for your eyeliner. Winged or cat-eye liners are very popular and give a vintage look, which is popular with glamour girls and burlesque babes. A smoky eye is ideal for the seductress, but does require a little more than just smudging the line out with a finger if you want to create something really professional. For a work look, a simple line of brown, nude or grey eyeliner just around the lash line creates a subtle pop to the eyes for barely-there beauty.

Create your shape

This is the tricky bit. There are plenty of tricks out there and different things work for different people. For the perfect winged liner, there are a couple of tricks. The first is to take a brush liner and make small dashes along the lash line, up to where you want the wings to be. You can then join these dashes up for a professional looking wing. This will take time though, so don’t attempt it if you are in a rush. For lazy girls and those who are in a rush, a business card can be held against your lash line in the direction of your eyebrow, and then run the eyeliner down it, using it as a guide. This will get very straight lines that you can then join up to create a quick and simple wing.

Whatever shape you are creating, take your time, focus completely on what you are doing and do not allow yourself to be distracted or irritated by the process. Think of your eyeliner as a work of art and expect it to take as long as it would to create a very small piece of art! Remember to have lots of makeup wipes with you just in case, and apply your eye shadow afterwards if you are afraid of getting it wrong.