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Fashion after breasts: Tips for post-surgery wear

Fashion after breasts: Tips for post-surgery wear

Bold and feminine fashion tips for a full and active life after breast surgery.

Regaining your confidence after major surgery is slow process. Breast surgery is a life-changing event and for many women it can feel like an attack on their womanhood.

There will come a day however, when you fancy going to that party or hitting the gym, and you want to do it in style. Here’s our guide to fashion after breast surgery.



Post surgery bra lingerie mastectomy

There are so many options for post-surgery bras that it can be dizzying.

Many women choose to find a breast form to balance their new shape. Most commonly made from silicone gel, breast forms come in a variety of shapes and cup sizes. Some attach to the chest wall and others fit into pockets within special bras.

After surgery you will need to avoid underwired cups, but companies like Amoena offer a large range of flattering bras, lingerie sets and breast forms.

We might be waiting a while for Victoria’s Secret or Ann Summers to catch up, but there are still some high street retailers offering beautiful and comfortable alternatives.

Check out the Marks & Spencers post surgery range for some local inspiration. They even have a handy online guide to getting the right fit!



Leisurewear post mastectomy style

Whether you’re a gym nut or readying to lounge by a hotel pool, you may need to update your leisure wardrobe after surgery.

As with regular underwear, sports bras will need to fit your new shape. They too come with and without breast form pockets. Once you have a good sports bra, you can wear a loose fitting t-shirt, ensuring zips and underarm stitching won’t irritate you while exercising.

Nicola Jane is another great specialist company when it comes to practical and stylish alternatives. Whether you want swimwear with room for prosthesis or you’d prefer something high necked to cover scarring, there is plenty to choose from. Full costumes, tankinis, bikinis—they even have a cruise range!


Daytime casual

Post mastectomy daytime casual wear
Image via Alloro

There is no one body shape for women before they have to deal with breast cancer.

It’s ridiculous then to imagine women will be dealing with the same shape issues afterward—or that all women have the same taste!

There are few design tips that universally apply in fashion, but asymmetry might be one of them.

Clothes that gather or drape from one shoulder are feminine and flattering to most body types. Fabrics that twist or knot about the chest are another option.

We’re talking frills—but you needn’t worry about daywear looking too busy. It’s all about creating an optical illusion and attracting the eye to a simple design feature.


Evening style

Woman wearing scarf post surgery style

Ruffles and ruching are your friend when you need to take things up a notch in the evening. Again, look for eveningwear that gathers at one shoulder to offset shape imbalance, or halter dresses for high scarring.

If your style is a little more pared back then don’t forget how fashionable the androgynous look has been this year. It’s all about clean lines and oversized, yet well-tailored styles.

Finally, never, ever underestimate the power of a scarf, from woolen ponchos to silken shawls, fur stoles and sheer draperies. Even if you like your eveningwear uncluttered, you can afford to think about textures and bold patterns with scarves.

Wearing a bold silk scarf and fixing the hanging ends at your waist with a simple patent leather belt, is a stylish trick for dressing up a comfortable t-shirt. It won’t cost you a fortune and it’s a comfortable and elegant evening style with or without surgery!