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Displaying the true definition of the millennials- the successful journey of the Asian model

Displaying the true definition of the millennials- the successful journey of the Asian model
The world has stereotyped the new generation as 'immature' or 'non-serious.' Many people argue that millennials are volatile, due to which it is very hard for them to take their professions seriously. Nevertheless, these people have challenged this thinking, providing ideal examples of focus and dedication, followed by success.  Immune to hierarchy and raised in a world of the entertainment industry, the millennials are fiercely inclusive. Through their creative minds and strong characteristics, they have built careers for themselves that are comparatively long-lasting than the ones of the individuals before. These people possess a diversity of perspectives, due to which they have achieved a lot in a much short period of time. 
Among such talented millennials is Amber Wang, a renowned model, and a CEO. At the young age of 19 years, Amber has been able to acquire the position of a CEO, showcasing her talent to the entire world. 
Born on June 10, 1996, in Luoyang, a city in China, Amber was an owner of a creative mind. Being born to her mother, Hongqin Wei, the Vice President of a business club in Nanyang, Amber has been privileged enough to be born in a well-off family. As a result, she has had the chances, and resources to explore her options, an opportunity many people dream of having. 
During her time in the Dongsheng Middle School, Amber developed a strong connection with athletics. She became a part of the women's local basketball team, followed by participating in several championships. 
The hunt for her passion 
As she moved to the United States, Amber's life took a turn. She entered the Calvary Chapel Christian School and completed her high school education. Intending to acquire a Bachelor's degree, Amber stepped into the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. However, life had other plans for her. During her time at the university, it hit Amber that it isn't actually something she wants to do. Consequently, she dropped out of college in search of finding her true calling in life. 
During her exploration period, Amber moved back to China. That was when she started working for an English training agency, Warrior Education. Her immense hard work and dedicated work ethic enabled Amber to climb the stairs of success, becoming the training agency's CEO. 
As the saying goes, "When you least expect it, the universe will surprise you with new opportunities," Amber came across a similar situation. Amber was spotted by a modeling agency who offered her a modeling gig on a shopping mall trip. Taken aback by the chance that life had thrown at her, Amber was shooked. With the courage to take risks, Amber took the offer that managed to turn her life 180 degrees. 
Now professionally known as Zhaoyang Wang, Amber has been able to establish herself as a renowned model. Her modeling career, nevertheless, started with her participation in the Elite Model Look Competition in 2019. The journey counts more than the destination itself. Even though Amber didn't acquire the first position in the competition, she learned a lot from her entire journey in the competition. 
Answering her true calling 
Modeling wasn't something Amber had ever thought of pursuing as a profession. However, after stepping into the field, Amber realized her passion and potential for modeling and how it answers her true calling in life. After the competition exposure, Amber was offered a sports art shooting for Wilhelmina Models by James Farrell. Following that opportunity, she further interned at the New York Fashion Week 2019, a dream of many artists. 
With her groundbreaking entry into the modeling world, Amber then landed an opportunity that all the models aspire to receive. The offer to become the cover girl for Pump magazine turned the tables for the talented model, a chance that changed her life. As the first Chinese model on the cover of Pump Magazine, Amber received worldwide acknowledgment and recognition in such a short span of her modeling career in the United States. 
Being on the cover of an esteemed magazine brand opened many doors for Amber. With her appearance on the cover, she worked for several other campaigns for renowned magazines such as the 35th issue of Shuba Magazine, 6th of Luxia Magazine, followed by Elegant Magazine.
Currently, Amber, also known as Zhaoyang Wang in the modeling world, has been making waves in the entertainment industry. Apart from her previous notable modeling gigs, she has appeared on the cover Vanity Teen Magazine, a magazine known far and wide in the country. As of 2020, Amber is participating in the "Miss Fashion Global National Modeling Competition" hosted in Florida. 
America's modeling industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Unless an artist doesn't possess a certain standard of talent, they cannot survive in the industry for too long. With Amber's portrayal of her capacity and ability in the field, she has acquired a notable position in the industry, enabling her to create a huge fan base all over the world.  
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