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Cult Instagram Beauty—Is it worth the hype?

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Cult Instagram Beauty—Is it worth the hype?
Do these popular instagram beauty products live up to the hype? Find out here
In a world of vloggers, bloggers and influencers, it seems our beauty recommendations are coming less from the department make-up stall counter and more from social media. But how do you sift the genuine necessity product from the online hype? We put five products that regularly appear on our feeds to the test.
huda beauty.JPG
Somewhat dismissed in the early 00s, colourful eyeshadow is making a huge comeback as part of the 80s revival.
Founded by blogger and make-up artist Huda Kattan, Huda Beauty is a classic example of a very modern brand keeping an eagle-eye on trends, with a huge array of high-pigment colours to choose from.
Priced at a reasonably competitive £25, the gemstone obsessions palette has been celebrated for it’s ability to create a hugely versatile collection of selfie-ready looks, and from first swatch, we are indeed impressed with it’s high pigmentation, standing out against even a darker skintone in just one layer.
While the cardboard packaging feels a little flimsy, the trays themselves are fairly deep and packed with product. The bronze is particularly flattering, clinging to the eye all day with minimal shedding, but removing smoothly and easily with a single swipe of make-up remover. We approve!
this works.JPG
A good night’s sleep is the best beauty tool we have, yet despite all the traditional tips and tricks, sleeping in the heat can be one of the most difficult things to do.
Enter This Works… known for their herbal remedies that assist in the low-level anxieties and stresses that are becoming more widely-acknowledged in the social media age.
Containing lavender, vetiver and wild chamomile oils, this spray is an instant hit with us, with a few spritzes going a long way. Fresh bursts of scent remain on the pillow by morning without being overwhelming, and whether it is a placebo effect or not, there is no denying that we have slept better with this product than without.
At £18 for 75ml though, it may prove more cost-effective to make your own—essential oils can be picked up cheaply at most chemists or online.
charlotte tilbury.JPG
With nearly 2 million Instagram followers to their name and half a million posts on the #charlottetilbury hashtag, there is no denying the success of the Charlotte Tilbury social presence. But amongst all the sumptuous lipsticks and blushers, there is one product in the Tilbury family that is purchased above all others—the magic eye rescue.
Designed to brighten dark circles and reduce the appearance of eye bags, we find the cream to be something of a slow burner—one to integrate into a nightly regime for longer lasting results.
Ideal for those who already have good night cream habits, it’s a little too subtle for the pricepoint to really convince us. It does however sink into the skin excellently, with a gentle, feminine scent—certainly a solid investment for dry skin.
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, £18 for 75ml
bum bum cream.JPG
Brazilian women have long been celebrated for their pert posteriors, so it seems somewhat inevitable in the social media ways that the cosmetic gods may have created a product to mimick the ideal, photogenic bottom.
Luckily, Sol Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream proves itself to be much more than a marketing gimmick—infused with guaraná, a native Amazonian plant rich in natural caffeine, it can be used all over the body to perk up tired skin, smoothing and plumping with a light, tingling sensation.
Best of all, we find it to be an excellent perker-upper for eyebags, with a visible, instant difference. This is one we’ll certainly be adding to our baskets.
Coco & Eve Like A Virgin Hair Masque, £34.90
coco and eve.JPG
With heavy, aesthetically pleasing matte packaging, we’re sold on Coco and Eve as soon as we open the box. Formulated with coconut and fig, it’s the perfect anecdote to hair that’s feeling frizzy or dry in this sudden summer heat.
Ten minutes is plenty long enough to notice a difference—hair appears shinier and smoother without diminishing our natural curls. And then there is the smell—coconut and fig that lulls you into holiday mode even on the most tiring of Monday mornings.
Packaged with a tangle teezer, the value for money is excellent and impeccably branded.  
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