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Best Nail Colour Trends For 2020


21st Jun 2020 Fashion & Beauty

Best Nail Colour Trends For 2020

Summer is here, and you know what this means! It is time to explore and play with some dramatic, bright & fun colors, as well as nail polishes. Are you trying to find your perfect nail shade and explore some modern & new styles? If so, you will enjoy this list, where we will present the top 6 shades that will be everywhere during the summer season! Keep on reading and find your perfect match!

Top 6 Nail Colors For 2020



Are you a fan of Barbie pink colours? This summer season, everyone will jump onto the bright pink nail trend! You might love this colour from Bluesky Gel Polish since it is perfect for your toenails and fingernails!

Apply two coats and enjoy its chip-resistant formula, as well as its longevity!

This pink lemonade shade will look the best once paired along with a bright pink lipstick, as well as some rose gold jewellery!



A deep dark & chocolate tan will look beautiful once paired along with these bright blue nails! Women who love turquoise or tiffany blue colours will appreciate this shade for the summer.

This colour was huge in the early 2000s, and everyone loved its neon pop! You should get a square-shaped manicure to make the color stand out even more!

Seal the deal with two coats of a top coat and you'll be good to go!



If you don't like bright or flashy colours, stick to something neutral! A subtle and muted pink colour will look great on shorter nails!

This dusky rose pink colour has a lot of shine and it will suit workaholic women, as well as women who want something that is office-friendly! Wear your nails short & in an oval shape to make your manicure neat and formal!

Dry this colour under a UV light and enjoy its high-shine finish. Pair it along with a pink shirt and enjoy the complete look!



Fuschia is an interesting blend of purple & pink that not a lot of women dare to wear. Do you like a bit of attention, and you want to stand out? If so, why not go for dramatic and bright Fuschia nails? This manicure screams fun & party, and it will look the best on younger women.

Let your manicure pop and stand out and apply two coats of this color. Finish it off with a shiny topcoat.

Fuschia nails will look the best once shaped in a square or pointy stiletto shape!



Women who love that extra shine, shimmer & glitter will adore this polish. This is a copper rose color that will look amazing once the sun hits it - it is packed with loads of pigment!

This copper rose color usually suits mature women the best, and it is wearable for any gathering. Just make sure that you pair it along with some silver or golden jewelry, and it will shine even more!

PS: It has an amazing mirror-shine finish, so make sure that you're up for it!



Last, but not least, you know we had to include a bright coral shade to our list! This subtle orange coral will look lovely on natural nails, and it is the #1 go-to color during the summer season!

Pair your bright color nails with bright coral lipstick, and don't forget to add a ton of blush! This is the perfect cohesive monochromatic summer look!

Your manicure will last you for 14 days, so why not give the California coral shade a chance?!

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