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5 Ways to get gorgeous grey hair


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

5 Ways to get gorgeous grey hair

The trend for dying hair grey may have been one of the most unexpected of 2015, but those with naturally silver locks know this style has always been chic. Here are some of the most beautiful styles for naturally grey hair.

Grey doesn’t have to mean boring

Grey hair is not boring
Images via Advanced Style

Grey hair can still be playful, and going au naturale can often grant a new sense of expressive fashion freedom.

These unique styles are punky and fun.


Rules are made to be broken

long grey hairstyle
Images via (L) 40 Plus Style and (R) Advanced Style

There’s a stigma about having long hair after a certain age, especially when that hair is unapologetically grey. As women grow older, it’s generally presumed that they will simply chop their locks short.

These women prove that long hair can work at any age. Ignore the ‘rules’ and embrace the style that makes you feel most like you.


Go for the chop

Chic grey bob
Images via Advanced Style

Modern cuts with sharp, clean edges work particularly well for grey hair. Plus short hair is lower maintenance, whilst still always looking ‘done’.

If you have long hair already, taking the chop can be a great way to transition to grey hair for the first time.

If you need a more gradual transition, ask your colourist to first lighten and cut your style, then slowly allow your grey to grow through.


Classy updos

Grey Hair Updo
Image via (L) Sharon Tucker Pinterest, (R) Advanced Style

With its naturally multi-toned appearance, grey or greying hair can look especially striking when styled into an up-do.

These examples are particuarly chic. 


Take some celebrity inspiration

celebrity grey hair
Images via (L) Jamie Lee Curtis, Pinterest (R) Kate Moss, Glamour Magazine

Jamie Lee Curtis was told that growing out her natural grey hair would lose her roles, but the reality couldn’t have been more different.

“Now they’re all eating crow and saying how right I was to do it,” she told Marie Claire

Take your lead from her and supermodel Kate Moss, and be fearless with your grey style. 


Bonus tutorial

This half up, half down style will really accentuate your colour. 

half up half down grey hair

Feature image via Sixty and Me