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5 Types of men's underwear you need to have in your wardrobe


5th Jul 2021 Fashion & Beauty

5 Types of men's underwear you need to have in your wardrobe

Men's underwear is available in various styles and designs. Gone are the days when you only had a few limited options.


Today, there are multiple options under each category, and you can buy according to the style you like the most. The most crucial thing about men's underwear is comfort. You shouldn't buy underwear that makes you want to scratch your bottom frequently. Here are some of the types of men's underwear that you should have in your wardrobe:


1. Boxers


Boxers are the most popular type of underwear for men. They look stylish because of their baggy design. There are three types of boxers available for men: lace boxer, pouch-enhancing boxer, and sheer boxer. You should look to buy boxers that sit comfortably on your skin. The boxer's fabric plays a crucial role in providing a snug fit. 


Try the boxers made from viscose by Bamboo Underwear. They contain 95% viscose, thus making the boxers extremely comfortable, long-lasting, and soft. Bamboo Underwear is one of the most popular brands when it comes to underwear for men. They use viscose as the primary fabric in both men's and women's underwear.


2. Briefs


Briefs resemble a Y-shape and have an alluring appeal once you take off your pants. The practical design of briefs makes them a popular type of underwear for men. They are available in high, mid, and low cuts. You can choose from one of the cuts depending on the type of bottoms you are wearing. Briefs have different categories, such as sheer briefs, lace briefs, low-rise briefs, mid-rise briefs, and high-rise briefs. 


3. Boxer briefs


As the name suggests, boxer briefs provide the best of both worlds: briefs and boxers. Their skivvy style provides ultimate support to your private parts and offers a body-hugging fit. Some of the traditional boxers have loose fittings, and they ride up your trousers. Boxer briefs don't have that problem. They reduce the bunching and twisting of your private parts, thus making them a suitable option for even the skinniest slim-fit jeans. Boxer briefs are available in two versions: cheeky boxers and low-rise boxer briefs.


4. Trunks


Trunks can work both as your underwear and swimwear. There are two types of trunks: shaping trunk and sports trunk. Their comfortable fit and supportive nature make them ideal for every occasion you can think of. Trunks look stylish as they contour to your body's shape. You can wear trunks both formal and casual wear. They don't have visible linings. That means they won't give a sneak-peak into what you are wearing underneath. 


5. Jockstraps 


Jockstraps are the oldest type of men's underwear. They act as cups to protect your manhood. Some of the latest designs offer natural contraptions. There is a pouch inside that keeps your manhood elevated. You can find two types of jockstraps these days: fashion jockstrap and athletic jockstrap. 


Now that you know the different types of men's underwear, but one that makes you feel comfortable. Your physique also determines which type of underwear would feel more comfortable and flexible, so consider that the next time you go shopping.

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