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5 tips to pick the right jewellery for your dress

5 tips to pick the right jewellery for your dress

Adding the right jewellery to even the plainest of dresses can make your outfit shine but equally - wearing the wrong jewellery can also sabotage a beautiful dress for you. It's also worth keeping in mind that just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it will compliment every outfit. Here are five tips you can follow when picking out jewellery for your outfit. 

Earrings that Highlight Your Face

Choosing the right jewellery is just as important as picking out a dress. You have to consider your style, occasion, and colour. Earrings have been an important part of jewellery for centuries. When picking out jewellery make sure you try statement earrings to highlight your face. 

Select the earrings that best bring out your facial differences. For example, you should go with triangular earrings if you have an oval face. Likewise, wear drop earrings without taper at the bottom if you have a heart-shaped face.

Wear Panache Rings

Ring almost never goes wrong in the sense of fashion unless you are trying to make it look bad. Rings make your wardrobe a lot more versatile because you can go with a new look every day. You also have the liberty to wear one, two, or even more rings with one dress. It is recommended to wear only one or two rings for a plain look. Pair a set of rings that match each other, or you can try a mix of different colours.

Chemistry of Warm and Cool Jewellery

Colours have a science of their own. Here’s what you should try. Mix cool jewellery with warm colours and warm colours with cool jewellery. Yes, you can wear contrasting colours together. Right cool and warm shades blend very nicely. But you have to get the right balance between them. A set of warm gemstones like rubies on top of a plain blue material would make a statement for themselves. 

You can Never Go Wrong with Diamonds

Diamonds are considered the best part of jewellery. They literally go with everything. Even men can wear them. But they are the best friend of only girls. If you are uncertain what to wear with your dress, randomly pick any diamond and you will still be the most fitbird in any room.  As you know diamonds aren’t cheap, make sure you take out time to shop right even if it leaves you knackered. I recommend visiting a veteran like DC Jewellers in Hatton Garden who are also specialist in creating bespoke jewellery.            

Jewellery for Your Skin Tone

Yes, it’s a thing and yes, it’s important. Jewellery won’t look distracting if it’s the right match for your skin tone. You’ll look a little alien with ornaments that don’t fit your skin tone. For example, you should prefer gold if you have a matte skin and dark hair. Another suggestion is the use of silver as it highlights most tones. 

Bonus Tip: The Power of Pearls

Diamonds are fantastic but pearls have a class of their own. They are found to look particularly perfect when tried with colours of ocean. For example, aqua, deep green, or stormy greys pair best with pearls. A suggestion is to try a string of pearls of different colours for a fascinating contrast. 

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