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5 Steps to Perfect Killer Eyebrows


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

5 Steps to Perfect Killer Eyebrows

'Power brow' is a term you've no doubt heard thrown around lately as the fashion for well defined, perfectly shaped eyebrows is in more than ever before. Here we show you how to get the ultimate perfect power brow.

1. The perfect start

First of all, you need to figure out where your eyebrow should naturally start so that you don't over-pluck the area between them. The best way to do this is to hold a thin makeup brush or a pair of tweezers vertically to your face, along the outer edge of your nose from the bottom. Then measure about an inch from the inner corner of your eye. This is where your brow should start. Use an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to mark this area, and repeat on the other side. Then pluck any stray hairs that fall between these lines.

2. The perfect middle

Next, use your makeup brush or tweezer again, laying it at an angle across your cheek from the bottom of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Make a mark where the tweezer intersects your brow. Repeat on the other side, then pluck any hairs that fall outside of these lines.

3. The perfect thickness

You should aim to make your brows between a quarter and half an inch thick at their widest point. You don't want to over-pluck and make them too thin, so use your pencil to mark and follow the natural shape of your brow at its thickest area. Pluck the hairs beneath this area.

4. The perfect arch

A power brow would not be complete without a gorgeously shaped arch to accentuate its natural shape. Look directly into the mirror, and look at your outer iris. The peak of the arch should fall just at this outer edge and will lie on your brow bone. Make a dot in this place with your pencil and begin removing hairs from the bottom edge of the brow from this point, tapering it at the end to form a thinner tail.

5. The perfect finishing touches

With brows shaped to perfection, its time to turn them into killer power brows with a little subtle makeup. You can use a pencil, gel or powder for your brows, just make sure you choose the right colour. A good rule is that dark haired people choose a colour two shades lighter than their hair, whilst light haired people go two shades darker, though this may vary depending on the natural thickness of your brows. It may take a little experimenting until you get it right!

Using your brow pencil or a small brush if you've opted for a gel or powder, start by carefully tracing the top outside edge of your natural brow shape. Avoid going outside of your natural brow line. Once outlined, carefully fill in the centre of the brow until you get a nice thick appearance; don't overdo it as less is most definitely more in this case! You should then use a brush or clear brow gel to sweep through the brows, tidy up loose hairs and distribute the colour evenly.

There you have it - perfect killer brows!

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