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5 New Year style resolutions you can stick to


1st Jan 2015 Fashion & Beauty

5 New Year style resolutions you can stick to

Make 2017 your most stylish year yet. These fashion resolutions will leave your sartorial sins firmly in the past. 

1. Take more risks

fashion take more risks

Whether this means throwing on some colour, experimenting with vibrant patterns or even something as simple as donning a pair of skinny jeans, taking some fashion risks is a great way to give yourself a confidence boost.

Not comfortable with colour? This easy chart shows which hues work best together.


2. Detox your wardrobe

wardrobe detox

Everyone is guilty of hoarding clothes they no longer wear in the hope that one day, they might just need them. Do yourself a favour and start the New Year with a thorough wardrobe cleanse. Be harsh with yourself. If you can't remember the last time you wore it, show it the door!

If you’re really having trouble letting go, try this tip. Turn all your hangers so that they’re facing the same way. Then, each time you wear an item of clothing, turn the hanger back around. After three months, anything that remains facing the wrong way has to go.

Remember, your local charity shop will gladly receive any clothes you don’t want. Alternatively, some high street shops now offer cash back incentives if you bring your old clothes to a recycling point within the store.

Really can't decide? This handy chart will tell you whether to chuck or keep:

keep clothes
Chart via Rome and Away


3. Organise your wardrobe

fold tshirts
Image via Dark Room and Dearly

If you’re always complaining that you have nothing to wear, a well-organised wardrobe could just be the answer.

Try the technique above, for example, to fold your t-shirts so that you can see the designs while they’re still in the drawer.

If you have too many clothes and not enough space, try using the ring pulls from drinks cans to double the amount you can hang. 

clothes hangers
Image via The Chic Site

Organising your things neatly will make them more visible and help you to come up with outfits you’d never thought of as well as saving you time in the morning.


4. Revisit the clothes you never wear

woman in closet

You know that one dress you loved and bought but never actually wore? The shoes you fawned over but never bothered breaking in? The jeans that are just a little too 'out there'? This is the year you wear them.

Take the plunge and give the clothes you love too much to throw away the outing they deserve.


5. Invest in staple items

staple wardrobe items
Image via From Roses

Rather than spending money on the trends, try investing in some simple classic items that you will wear time and time again.

Building a capsule wardrobe like the one outlined below will end your what-to-wear woes once and for all. 

capsule wardrobe